If You Want To Be An Actor

If You Want To Be An Actor – It is difficult to be an actor these days. Not everyone will perceive and perceive you as not thinking “practically”. Who in their right mind wants to do that? I like a challenge and I tell myself that as long as I know I don’t want to stop, I’ll be okay. But what will my lifestyle cost?

I was really a high maintenance type of person. As I said in my previous story, I explained that I needed to figure out my own world, I wanted to fit in a little bit where I felt like I belonged, so that I could be accepted. I know it may be contrary to my belief that I don’t want validation, but at some point we were, or I was. Eventually I discovered I didn’t need it. But yes, I was a high-maintenance BMW that required specific care and I needed to “feel” like I was making progress toward my goals. Before 2019 started, I completely decided to “sacrifice” many things in my life to get to where I wanted to be. This may sound crazy to many people, but it really helps. I find that I have a clear mind about what needs to be done, no distractions and no drama. So here are some things I gave up to achieve my goals as an actor.

If You Want To Be An Actor

I didn’t leave work completely. I just work less. Most of us put our accounts first. I get it – it’s necessary to pay the bills, I don’t. I am responsible enough to know that I have them and that I can repay them when the time comes. But my priority has never been just paying the bills. I make sure that I save enough for the necessities to survive. This way of thinking is only temporary. I have the drive and ambition to make things happen. So I live by what is necessary to survive and everything else goes into my acting career.

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Use your job to complement your acting career. Realize that you are your own business. You are the product. Be high maintenance in a way that allows you to focus on the things that are “essential” to achieving your career goals. Don’t buy expensive shoes or go to fancy dinners. The experience is wonderful, but reward yourself when you accomplish certain points of your goals.

As an actor, we have to be flexible in our schedule to attend auditions, rehearsals and filming. These timings can be as random as possible. I woke up one morning and two hours after my shift I had to rush through an audition. I had no chance to go for auditions and no chance to call in sick because I was already at work. I started panicking just because if I couldn’t make it to the audition I would lose my contract with my agency. If I quit my job I would lose my job. At that moment, I had to figure out what was important to me. And yes, you guessed it, my acting career. Work, especially service, can replace you at any time. Looking for another job with persistence will always get you a job. But losing an acting contract is a bad look. Be sure to ask yourself, “In the next five years, will I regret losing this job or going to that audition and losing the contract.” This was my case. Luckily, I didn’t lose my job. I managed to convince one of the other servers to stay for me.

Find what’s important to you. Being an actor and thriving on your own, there is no balance. Most of the time there is no control over what happens next. Both emotionally and physically. Always be mentally prepared and do not spend too much of your energy on irrelevant stress. Organize your time to balance work and career.

This may now be common among us who live in this time and day. It’s hard to afford things. When I decided to go all out into acting, I decided to give up the material things that I thought held so much emotional value. Memories. In the 10 years of building my life and the material I have earned, I have donated 90 percent of my material. From clothes, cameras, studio equipment, furniture, everything I left behind, my little Yorkie, who I miss so much. But to make sure I put all my energy into building the life I wanted, I had to give it all up. I deserve to be an actor.

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I became a minimalist. It was a very emotional journey for me because of my attachment to these material things. I knew that I grew up with nothing and working hard to buy them meant a lot to me. With time I realized that these things are not important. The person I am today is not in the things I have, but in the success I have achieved in my happy situations. I wanted to become an actor in film and television. It was a necessary sacrifice. We don’t have to make all the sacrifices to become an actor. It helps to figure out where your money, time, and energy should be, but it’s not the path for everyone.

Time is precious. How you use it is a constant struggle. At the beginning of my decision to pursue my acting career full-time, I wanted to focus on building my career in every field and opportunity that came my way. I have found a passion for writing these blogs about my acting career because it not only allows me to continue rebuilding my foundation and have a clear understanding of it, but I hope it will help others as well. I found myself wanting to learn more from the previous lessons I had learned.

Health is an important value for my acting career. So I’m always in a constant struggle to exercise and eat healthy. So I always make sure I take my time. I want to make sure that I am physically and mentally prepared for any role in the future.

Take time to understand and appreciate your level of creativity and the process of your craft. Most people probably don’t understand what we do as actors and actresses. It’s a mix of psychology and physiology, and instead of jumping to conclusions, we live the feeling, embody it, and explore it for ourselves.

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So how to integrate this into time sacrifice? Know where you want to stand as an actor. Many of us may have to work ten times harder to get to where we want to be. First and foremost, understand that your career will not be handed to you. Find out what leaves you time to focus on building your career. Make a list of the things that take up too much of your energy and time and that seem unnecessary to you. Go through this list as many times as you want to make sure it’s what’s needed. You’d be surprised that most of the things on the list were actually a big change.

There are many things along the way that we sacrifice personally for greater purposes, for greater means. These are some of the things that I have naturally decided on my own and agreed to focus on what is really needed. Removing myself from the things that made me feel less about my work cleared a stronger path for me. My mind allowed many creative aspects. This may only be a temporary sacrifice, or as I like to call it “fasting,” but I have actually found myself engaging more in these practices.

I started my journey as a professional actor at the age of 28 but studied acting for 8 years, theater arts at Jean and Knox Theater for 4 years and film acting at the Academy of Arts for 4 years.

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