International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law

International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law – The legal field has reached a stage where the integration of new technologies with law is not only relevant, but also inevitable. Especially after an unprecedented pandemic, the use of technology in the legal field has become even more relevant than before. In addition, the “global society”, better known as “globalization”, together with “technology” has caused significant changes in the economy, politics and society. This has brought better and expanded opportunities to jump in the legal field. Emerging technologies such as educational technologies, electric vehicles (EVs), biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), etc. are redefining the ways of transportation, distance learning, investment and human health. These technologies have an undeniable global impact, both constructive and pessimistic. For example, artificial intelligence, which is used to perform complex tasks in fractions of seconds using machine learning, has also been used in hacking, deep counterfeiting and weapon creation programs using this revolutionary technology. The case of electric cars aspiring to be the ultimate savior from ominous global warming has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The battery of these cars explodes regardless of the brand. The most common reason is poor quality battery packs imported from countries looking for cheap labor, who don’t care about regulations or public safety. Regulation of such imports and the quality of used batteries could prevent such incidents. Similarly, in other major new technologies, the potential for misuse due to illegality is high because biotechnology creates new diseases rather than curing them. These technologies affect not only the country in which they are developed, but also the entire world, making a transnational legal framework to regulate such technologies a necessary possibility. Previous cases like the blue whale game have claimed many lives in many countries, even if they were born in a particular country. To prevent such catastrophic events, a globalized legal regime must be put in place to regulate such technologies and access evidence for the prosecution and extradition of fugitives. As Albert Einstein said: “Technical progress is like an ax in the hands of a sick criminal.” It is important that in the future, when algorithms rule human lives, it is better to decide how these ups and downs will affect human lives. society and consideration of the role of law in the application of its regulations.

In view of the above, this international conference will address issues related to contemporary legal challenges in this complex era with a special focus on “Regulating New Technologies and Artificial Intelligence in a Globalized Legal Regime: Challenges and Opportunities”.

International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law

The conference provides an opportunity for various stakeholders, such as lawyers, academics, activists, representatives of civil society and politicians, to discuss strategies for reviewing contemporary legal challenges.

Th International Conference On Artificial Intelligence And Law

GD Goenka University is a world-renowned and premier institution of higher learning in India. Quality education aimed at directing students towards research, innovation and advancement is a defining element of GD Goenka University. Recognized by the UGC, GD Goenka University aims to be a global leader in the 21st century higher education ecosystem through its core values ​​of intellectual excellence, scholarship, diversity and integrity. GD Goenka University is also recognized by QS IGUAGE “Diamond” university ranking. GD Goenka University has modern infrastructure, air-conditioned campuses with good Wi-Fi service, well-equipped libraries and modern laboratories. GD Goenka University is a member of prestigious national and international associations such as Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and International Association of Universities (IAU).

The School of Law aims to explore and identify new areas of law and policy by continuously engaging in the development of legal theory and practice, scholarly capacity, capacity for critical analysis, and advocacy skills in a way that fully empowers students to be intellectually and socially stimulating. The viability and professional enrichment of the law school by adopting an interdisciplinary approach to legal education creates a positive attitude among students so that they are aware that lawyers are an integral part of the judicial system, setting policies and standards to regulate various activities. . . It therefore prepares them for placement in judicial and quasi-judicial bodies, regulatory bodies, commissions, voluntary organizations and other sectors. The GD Goenka Faculty of Law offers a 3-year Bachelor of Laws degree. (Hons.) program and a 5-year integrated B.B./B.L. Program (Hons.) These programs are designed to impart knowledge and intensive training in management/social sciences and legal subjects and help students develop a broader perspective for both managerial and applied responsibilities. The one-year LLM program offers candidates the opportunity to prepare to participate actively and effectively as professionals in legal advice, advocacy and decision-making. Whether it’s a courtroom or court hearing, a legal office or a corporate boardroom, a government agency, a community center or an international conference table, our graduates are on the job. Teaching methods include lectures, problem-based learning, seminars, informal small group discussions, debating competitions, individual supervision of field and library research projects, and a variety of experimental methods. “Clinical” components in the form of case law, real or simulated attorney duties are an important part of the program.

This international conference is held to promote interdisciplinary research in law and technology, and to promote and exchange views among experts in various fields of law, engineering, commerce, management, health and social sciences. It also provides an opportunity for researchers in relevant fields of knowledge to formalize their curiosity and gather the views of lawyers, academics and legal professionals. In the above context, GD Goenka University Faculty of Law invites participants to contribute their original research on the following sub-topics:

The main topic is “Regulating new technologies and artificial intelligence in a globalized legal regime: challenges and opportunities”.

Ifeoluwa Olubiyi On Linkedin: The 2nd Abuad Law Research Conference, Themed Artificial Intelligence…

Please note – articles on any other topics directly or indirectly related to the main topic will also be considered.

Former Member, Law Commission of India and Former Dean, Faculty of Law and Legal Studies, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University.

We welcome submissions of high-quality research papers, including field studies, from academics, researchers, human rights activists, students and NGOs/CSOs on the theme and sub-themes. Research articles received for inclusion in the conference proceedings are subject to approval by the editorial board. All participants must submit original, unpublished research work. All research papers must also be checked by anti-plagiarism software. Selected research articles containing original, critical, sound, thorough and in-depth research work will be selected for publication in a Scopus-edited journal/book with a reference number at the discretion of the editorial committee. Special certificates and other incentives will be given to the three best research papers.

The conference will be held in hybrid mode. Members will be notified of any changes. Due to the limited number of places, accommodation will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional costs will include room and board. The application link for this will be published after the abstract has been accepted.

National Conference On Artificial Intelligence: Legal Implications And Challenges

Please contact us at with any questions. The abstract will be approved by the editorial board and reviewers, the link to send the full article will be sent no later than September 5, 2022. Articles sent after the deadline will not be accepted for participation in the conference.

Upon selection of an abstract, the author(s) must pay the required fees no later than November 22, 2022.

A certificate of attendance must be issued or mailed after the conference. No certificate is issued in absentia and in any case the registration fee is non-refundable. For more information about the conference, please visit our website:

GD Goenka University Faculty of Engineering is proud to present SPEED 2020, where students will get an opportunity to showcase their engineering projects and win exciting prizes.

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The second GDGU Cyber ​​​​Law and Technology International Tribunal Competition, 2021 in cooperation with Cyber ​​​​Law University, is dedicated to technological law. Technology law focuses on intellectual property rights

December 13, 2021. Invitation to participate in the teacher development program (January 10-14, 2022), organized by the Faculty of Law of the University named after G.D.

Invitation to the teacher development program (January 10-14, 2022), organized by the Faculty of Law of the University named after G.D.

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