Join Russian Army As Foreigner

Join Russian Army As Foreigner – Simply put: you must be a good, strong person with no legal problems at home.

If you’re itching to start running around with the famous AK-12 and Ratnik-2 combat suit, here’s what you need to know and do.

Join Russian Army As Foreigner

As of 2015, you don’t need a Russian passport to join the Russian military – any country will do.

Ukraine’s Path To Victory: How The Country Can Take Back All Its Territory

Male and female. However, no woman runs into a battlefield with an AK-12 in hand. Any woman who wants to be a soldier is welcome, but only for assigned work as a military commander or nurse.

It’s worth noting that no matter what jobs women are assigned to, they also have to go through all kinds of military training—running, shooting, and learning battle tactics. However, they are basic lessons that every soldier should know.

If you want to become “bad” with an AK-12, you have to practice hard and follow your instructor’s every command.

To do this you must speak Russian. To assess your suitability for service in the Russian Armed Forces, you must pass a Russian language test. They take it very seriously, so note that you need to prepare for it seriously

Preparing For Victory In Ukraine

The bottom line is that only good guys with good relationships with their governments are welcome in the Russian military.

If you want to become a Russian citizen, joining the military is also an option for you, because

Your first contract with the Russian Armed Forces was signed for five years. So during this lifetime, you don’t have to worry about work, money, or medical care (yes, every soldier and his family in Russia has medical insurance, which is taken care of).

The minimum wage for individuals is 30,000 rubles ($480). Pay usually depends on your military branch and service area.

Wagner Group Lures Foreign Mercenaries With Bumped Up Salaries As Russia Suffers Losses

As long as you serve in the Russian Armed Forces, your family will live in a military town near your base. You get one

After three years of service, you can qualify for a 20-year military mortgage plan. Simply put – as long as you serve in the Russian Armed Forces, the government will pay your mortgage, and over time you will get your own apartment in Russia.

The Russian armed forces are not exempted from foreign soldiers during the war – these people join the ranks.

To register in the Russian Armed Forces, you must go to the registration office in any city of Russia. If your papers and documents are good and you have no legal problems at home, you can sign a contract, undergo a medical exam, a psychological test, and then be sent to a military unit that is more suitable for someone with your skills. and identity.

Land Covered In Corpses’ As Russia Claims First Big Ukraine Gains In Months

If you use content in whole or in part from outside Russia, always provide an active link to the original material. Russian service members march during a Victory Day parade marking the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II, on Red Square in central Moscow, Russia, May 9, 2022.

BEIJING, May 20 (Xinhua) — In a sign of Russia’s urgent need to step up its war effort in Ukraine, parliament said Friday it will consider a bill to allow Russians over 40 and foreigners over 30 to enlist in the military.

The move will allow the army to use the skills of senior professionals, according to the website of the State Duma, the lower house of parliament.

He added: “To use high-precision weapons, to use weapons and military equipment, highly professional experts are needed. “Experience has shown that they become like this at the age of 40-45.”

Moldova Defends Action, Blocking Russian Troop Rotation In Transnistria

Currently, only Russians aged 18 to 40 and foreigners aged 18 to 30 can sign their first contract with the army.

Russia suffered major setbacks and heavy losses in the 86-Day War, in which Ukraine mobilized almost all of its adult men. Despite having full control over the ruins of Mariupol, Moscow is still far from its goal of occupying the entire Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. Read more

“Obviously, the Russians are in trouble,” the general said. It’s a last-ditch effort to address the labor shortage without worrying about its own population. But the Kremlin’s failure in Ukraine will be difficult to cover up. Ben Hodges, former commander of US forces in Europe.

Jack Watling, a ground warfare expert at the UK’s RUSI Security and Defense Institute, said the Russian army lacked infantry.

What Does Russia’s ‘partial Mobilization’ Mean?

“Russia needs to stabilize its military forces in Ukraine and create new ones if it wants to improve its position on the ground,” he said.

“This will be a slow and complex process, but it can be accelerated by mobilizing people with existing skills and military experience.”

Duma said the proposed legislation would also facilitate the recruitment of civilian doctors, engineers and operations and communications specialists.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Friday that Russia is building up 12 military forces in its Western Military District, where it faces growing threats, citing NATO membership applications from Finland and Sweden.

The Foreign Women Joining Ukraine’s Fight Against Russia

A well-known writer in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Worked as a journalist on 7 continents and reported from 40+ countries, published in London, Wellington, Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow and Berlin. covered the breakup of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. Security reporter from 2003 to 2008. Speaks French, Russian and German (stale) and Polish. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order making it easier for foreigners to obtain Russian citizenship if they join the military, government documents released Friday said. .

“Foreign citizens or stateless persons who have signed a contract to serve in the armed forces of Russia … for at least one year and participate in military operations for at least six months,” the decree states.

According to the decree, foreign nationals who were wounded in combat six months before the war and could not return to the battlefield were also eligible.

The document was released more than a week after Putin announced that hundreds of thousands of Russian men were being mobilized to bolster Moscow’s military presence in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin’s Warriors: How The Kremlin Has Co Opted Its Critics And Militarized The Home Front

The decree appeared to target thousands of citizens of former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia who live and work in Russia, earning better wages than their poor counterparts.

Four of the five — Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan — recently asked their citizens not to join foreign forces.

According to the decree, spouses, children and parents of foreigners who have signed contracts with the military can also simply enjoy Russian citizenship.

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A legal gunman accused of massacring a St. Petersburg politician trains before boarding a plane during a military parachute training exercise outside Stavropol, southern Russia, on October 29, 2015. Edward Kornieko/Reuters

Four years ago, 18-year-old Vitaly Danilenko was recruited into the Russian army after his family returned from Alaska to Siberia. Raised in the United States, the young recruit spoke little Russian and was unable to communicate with teammates and senior officials.

Foreigners Flock To Join Ukraine’s International Legion To Fight Russia

That situation lasted only two weeks before Danilenko defected, quitting his job, breaking the law and fleeing a Russian prison sentence of seven years. According to Russian media, his family said he ran away because of a language barrier.

No one knew what to make of the new recruit. Russian military service law did not recognize the mere inability to communicate in Russian as grounds for discharge, according to Russian media reports at the time. There are no reports of his arrest.

Danilenko’s story is a telling story for the Russian military and foreigners who may be interested in joining their ranks and fighting the current wars, a possibility highlighted by President Vladimir Putin in January. In February 2015, he signed an executive order allowing foreigners to register.

According to the Defense Ministry’s official guidelines for recruiting foreigners, any foreigner between the ages of 18 and 30 can enlist in the Russian military on a five-year contract, provided they can provide proof of Russian-speaking status. No criminal, psychologically capable of passing through a number of professions. and medical examinations for official recruitment in Russia.

Ukraine: Briton Who Travelled To Warzone To Join Military Fight Against Russia Leaves Over ‘suicide Mission’ Fears

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