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Join The Army National Guard

ARLINGTON, ST. — The National Guard has changed its training methods and many Guardsmen in some major units have seen increased days and annual training requirements.

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That development is part of Guard 4.0, an initiative based on changing needs and designs so that the Guard can respond more quickly and effectively to missions around the world, Lt. gen. Timothy Kadavy, Director of the National Guard.

“The National Guard 4.0 [means that] is ready [to be deployed] without specific notice, possibly in a future mission,” he said. “We are making this change because our country wants us to do it. This is because of the size of the current total and the many threats that our country faces from potential enemies.

Mr. Kadavy said that the changes in the training mainly focus on the armored troops and the National Defense Forces. and the Air Defense Command.

He said, “Our high-priority units, such as the armored combat unit, the The National Guard, the Security Command and the main command must be ready at a moment’s notice for the mission. which is not defined. “We need to maintain the readiness of these units to meet emerging needs.”

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According to the previous model, the unit will be alerted to move about 18 months in advance and then train Training for a specific mission, which includes training time at the mobilization station before going overseas.

With Guard 4.0, multi-year training cycles are used to strengthen the overall work of the unit to maintain high readiness and prepare the unit to act quickly in response to contingency operations, as Kadavy said.

It also means a 30 percent reduction in post-deployment training time, he said, adding that for high-priority units, the Guard 4.0 model ends with brigade rotations at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, or joint readiness. . Training center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in the fourth year of the training cycle.

Large-scale training in the field every 4 years is new for many battalions. Many, which under the previous model could have 10, 15 or in some cases 20 year rotations. Earlier, Kadavy said.

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Additional training days are needed to prepare and execute those large training plans, Col. Jesse J. Kirchmeier, Chief of Defense Strategy and Policy.

“Two years in the training cycle is more than 39 training days per year,” Kirchmeier said, adding that the 39 days represent the long-term training requirements of one week, every month and two weeks in the summer.

He said that the number of additional training days is different according to the type of unit and the year of training. He emphasized that, the guard unit will maintain the level of general and specialized training higher after the year of training. 4th.

“When you go on a rotation at [Fort Polk or Fort Irwin] and then you do follow-up duty, you’re better trained to do it,” Kirchmeier said. “If you don’t go into action [as planned], we’ll give Soldiers an extra [training] day to maintain a higher level of training that year [after going to Forts Polk or Irwin] so if you need it [for short notice requirements], you don’t have to do a lot of training after you’re mobilized and before we send you overseas.”

Army National Guard

Additionally, the number of brigades designated for rotation to Fort Irwin or Fort Polk increased from two to four brigades each year.

“We’re going to send two of our small infantry brigades to Fort Polk and we’re going to send two of our armored or heavy stryker brigades to Fort Irwin,” Kirchmeier said.

This new training plan is evidence that the forces continue to adapt to the “military landscape with Continuous development” he said. Robert D. Ferguson, commander of the Mississippi National Guard’s 155th Armored Division, which completed a rotation at Fort Irwin last summer as part of the Guard 4.0 model.

“The strong training schedule we have now allows us more opportunities to improve our combat skills, as well as set expectations and common understanding in each brigade across the brigade,” he said.

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“The training and skills required to maintain the readiness demanded by the National Guard 4.0 will make you a better soldier, a better leader and a better person in every aspect of your life,” he said.

Guard 4.0 represents the fourth major evolution of the Guard since the formation of the all-volunteer force in the early 1970s, Kadavy said. The 1980s saw the Army develop a more integrated concept, followed by a shift to operational reserves and large-scale, frequent deployments after 9/11, he said.

Mr. Kadavy said: the new training plan focuses on the needs of the Department of Defense in the future, Instead of the previous standard.

He said, “We are building a national defense force based on what we need to do in 20 to 30 years. The next year is not based on what we have done in the past 100 years.

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While the plan represents a change in training for some units, many Guard members will not see additional training beyond the 39-day requirement, Kadavy said. However, he added, the soldiers should remember that they may be sent soon.

“Although Soldiers have many training days, unit readiness begins with individual readiness,” he said. “Indeed, the readiness of each soldier is more critical than ever and members of the National Guard must be mentally and physically strong, depending on the demands of their job, skilled with their weapons and free from dental or medical problems.”

“It’s not just a matter of [the Guardsmen] having tactical and technical skills, but also Allowing the family to transition smoothly through the training, operational and operational phases, Commander 155 Island National Defense Forces. And more. That family preparation activities and outreach services are in place to help prepare families for the challenges that may come with implementation.

While Guard 4.0 represents a big change from previous training cycles, Kadavy said Soldiers are ready for it.

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“Morale and motivation are high because our leaders are very forthright about the timing of operations and what we are asking of our soldiers, their families and their employers,” he said, adding that many soldiers who are on guard or re-enlisting are known as practice. Members of the National Guard patrol Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on May 31, 2020. They were among thousands of National Guard members who went on duty in major U.S. cities after five consecutive nights of protests over racism and police brutality erupted and looting. JAVIER TOVAR/AFP via Getty Images

The National Guard plays a dual role in the United States Army by serving its community and country. Most of the time, it is under the control of individual states, with the governor as the supreme commander. When that happened, the guards were used to reinforce the American army, boosting its forces with More fighting forces. The force deals with local emergencies, overseas combat missions, anti-narcotics operations, and reconstruction missions. New and others. However, the president can activate the National Guard and place it under federal control.

National Guard soldiers train one week in each month, with a training period of 2 weeks in each year. They are usually called into action by the governor, who can send them to the scene of an officially declared state emergency. These are usually weather-related emergencies, but civil unrest or terrorist attacks are other emergencies they may respond to.

For example, the death of George Floyd (during his police custody in Minneapolis) was followed by mass protests, arson and looting in various cities in the United States in May 2020. National Guard personnel were activated in 23 states and the District of Columbia [source: Soucy]. In June 2020, 600 to 800 National Guard members from five states were asked to augment D.C. National Guard to deal with civil unrest in the country’s capital [source Source: Browne and Starr]. Guards can also be used for security detail at borders and airports.

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While the governor orders the militia in his state, each state has a lieutenant general who acts as a liaison officer, translating the governor’s orders into specific tactical decisions.

When the president gave the force to maintain national security

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