Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate Online

Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate Online – Medical laboratory assistants are indispensable in healthcare facilities, both large and small. They collect, prepare and transport patients’ blood, urine and other samples. Many diagnostic tests are also performed—and analyzed—using equipment such as cell counters, microscopes, and advanced computer equipment.

Medical laboratory assistants not only work behind the scenes, but also communicate and comfort patients during the sometimes terrifying sample collection procedures. For this reason, they are important members of the medical team dealing with patients.

Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate Online

The support program of the Medical Laboratory is connected to our traditional 12-element eLearning model. Comprehensive and immersive, it combines lectures and exams with a range of hands-on learning experiences using visual aids and videos. This course gives you the opportunity to learn new skills and practice advanced technology, 3D modeling.

Medical Laboratory Assistant (mla)

In this introductory course, our industry experts teach the structure and function of the 11 systems of the human body. You will also learn to write and speak the correct medical language when referring to these procedures. In the Pathology section of the class, you can learn about the main conditions and diseases affecting the body and the types of tests used to identify them. On top of that, experts will teach you how to use your new knowledge in a healthcare setting.

Accurate image collection plays an important role in accurate diagnosis, so this is one of the most important tasks of a medical laboratory assistant. In our phlebotomy department, you will learn how to collect and test blood and other types of samples. You will also learn how to safely handle, transport and process such samples using modules such as security and infection control. In communication and patient care, you can learn to put people at ease during the sample collection process.

The topics of the Medical Laboratory Assistant course will help you to have the basic knowledge necessary for a successful transition to the workplace. You will learn the various laboratory procedures performed in hematology, serology and other departments. We also cover the legal and ethical responsibilities of a medical lab assistant by guiding you through compliance with OSHA, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Because it is so important for ultimate success, this course includes communication and working professionally as a team member both in the laboratory and as part of a larger clinical team.

Building Capacity For Laboratory Equipment Maintenance In Liberia

The Medical Laboratory Support Program gives you the knowledge and tools you’ll need to make a smooth transition into your new career:

With the Medical Laboratory Assistant program, you can access unique information about medical laboratory assistance online at the touch of a button—all without the added costs of lengthy programs and degrees. The program lasts 16 weeks and costs $4,000.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be eligible to take the Certified Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA) certification exam. Once you are provisionally certified after passing the exam and completing 120 hours of approved medical laboratory experience, you will be eligible for full certification by the American Association of Medical Technologists.

You also have the option of earning a second Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) certification after completing our program. Passing the exam and demonstrating your skills after starting work earns you this certification.

How To Choose A Medical Assistant Certification School

Professional training doesn’t have to take years or cost tens of thousands of dollars. offers fast but comprehensive training by industry professionals and offers academic advisors to help you find the right job.

Contact us now to apply for the Medical Lab Assistant program or learn more about our other programs for the fast-growing and profitable healthcare and IT industries.

We spend most of our lives at work, so it is important to choose the right job, progress…

When you were young, did someone ever tell you, Go to college or you’ll end up (insert d…Medical laboratory technicians work directly with other health care providers and patients in an exciting laboratory environment. They collect health information and medical samples from patients, but office data intake, sample preparation and assist with basic laboratory tasks.Work requiring good people and communication skills, a professional yet caring attitude, a commitment to collaboration and excellence, and attention to detail.

Medical Assistant (advanced Program)

Medical laboratory technicians are needed in many fields. Find jobs in hospitals, community clinics, doctor’s offices, research and drug labs, veterinary clinics, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, and more.

The Medical Laboratory Assistant is a nationally recognized 32-week certificate program offered at Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Saskatoon campus. Some classes are also available via distance learning. Labs and clinical experiences are a large part of the program, so you can expect hands-on training:

You will participate in a supervised clinical experience during eight weeks of training. They provide clinical practical experience in a specific area: histology, specimen handling, phlebotomy and microbiology. These clinical experiences take place in different areas of the province.

Many medical laboratory assistant courses can be transferred into Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Health Sciences degree program, including Integrated Laboratory and X-ray Technology, Cytotechnology, Medical Laboratory Technology and Medical Radiology Technology.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Students will experience a mix of traditional lectures, web-based learning, hands-on labs, and clinical practice. This program involves hard work and 15-20 hours of homework per week. The sessions are from Monday to Friday in a flexible schedule between 8:00 and 19:00. Clinic hours will be consistent with health care and may include early morning hours (5 or 6 a.m.), evening hours, nights, and weekends.

Clinical experience is provided by the Committee on Medical Practicum Placements (CPP). Students will have the opportunity to sample their favorite clinical areas. However, due to the lack of clinical placements in each field, there is no guarantee that students will receive a clinical placement assignment in the list of fields they have chosen. Students must be prepared to attend an appointment at any clinical site in the province.

Not all appointments are easily accessible by public transport; students assigned to these locations must have access to their vehicles. Students are responsible for travel, accommodation arrangements and expenses up to, during and after their clinical experience. Students continue their didactic studies through online learning during the clinical experience, and stable Internet access is required.

Enrollment in the program requires acceptance of a clinical placement anywhere within Saskatchewan. Clinical placements are determined during the program, close to the time of the work experience.

Career Awareness Videos

You can work as a medical lab assistant in a hospital, community clinic, doctor’s office, research lab, drug lab, veterinary clinic, chiropractic and physical therapy offices, etc. Find job opportunities in local health districts, state health agencies, academic institutions, and private laboratories.

Applicants who are not academically qualified for the program may be admitted if evidence of potential success can be established through other admissions tests. Applicants are automatically considered for alternative admission. However, some special admission requirements may need to be met.

See the ACCUPLACER© cutting notes below for this process and see more details on the alternative purchase using the Accuplacer.

Some programs allow applicants to meet admission level requirements with 15 approved high school credits. Update more information.

Pathways To Starting Your Nursing Career

If the program you are using has specific academic requirements, other postsecondary programs may meet these requirements. Explore pre-approved courses that can be used for admission to your programs.

The first-in/first-out (FQFA) system is used for most Saskatchewan Polytechnic programs. When we determine that you meet the program’s admission requirements, you will be admitted to the program based on your eligibility date. Once you provide the documents and information to be accepted for the next step, you can begin your studies immediately. Your application, if eligible, will always be considered in the next step.

Those programs that take place several times in one academic year will remain in the application area until the last admission of the given academic year. Programs using the FQFA process accept applications year-round and reserve space for each academic year. Eligible applicants who are not offered a place must re-apply in the following academic year.

Sponsored or targeted programs do not accept applications year-round and do not maintain a pool of applications.

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Tuition and fees Estimates are based on current prices and are subject to change. Program fees may vary by university. The totals shown here include all mandatory fees and the estimated cost of books and supplies. Visit the Tuition and Fees webpage for full details of program tuition and fees.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic recognizes that adults learn in many ways. This includes the acquisition of knowledge and life skills, as well as work experience or informal training.

Most Sask Polytech students benefit from course credits. You have the right to transfer credit to Sask Polytech or another college or university.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and smart students, Saskatchewan Polytechnic is offering more than $2 million in student awards.

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