Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program

Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program – The maximum course load for the fall or winter semester is five (5) courses. Taking fewer than five courses in the fall or winter term will take longer to complete the program. If you are taking reduced courses in the spring/summer term, the maximum recommended course load is two (2) reduced courses and one (1) full-time (spring/summer) course. Students may choose to enroll in any combination as long as no more than two (2) spring or summer courses are taken at the same time.

This certificate program prepares graduates to manage information and administrative workflows in an acute care setting. Students gain knowledge and skills in the basics of healthcare, healthcare organizations, medical terminology, digital literacy, office management, unit coordination, physician orders, healthcare billing, healthcare information systems, medical skills, and strategies. Communication.

Medical Office Assistant Certificate Program

This is a one year (two trimester) certificate program. The usual course load is five courses per term. Students may maintain full-time status for a minimum of three courses. Taking fewer than five courses per term will take longer to complete the program.

Certificate Medical Office Assistant By Health And Human Services

Courses are available in the classroom and online. Please note that not all courses may be available online each semester. Contact the Education Advisory Team for help planning your program.

For courses with scheduled end-of-year exams, they must be completed in person or at an approved proctor.

Successful completion of a five-test General Educational Development (GED) test with minimum scores in the following areas:

“Bow Valley College is the leading program for office work in the unit. It builds knowledge and confidence. I wouldn’t be the employee I am today without the Chiu School of Business and their dedication to their students.”

Healthcare Clerical Medical Assistant

Students explore the interdisciplinary roles and responsibilities required to be successful in a health care administrative support role. By exploring well-being, resilience, communication, collaboration, diversity, and reconciliation, students use techniques to enhance self-awareness and relationships in the workplace.

In this course, students are introduced to the structure of the Canadian health care system, the law, and information systems. Students examine how the principles of safety, privacy, confidentiality, and security are applied in the health care setting.

Medical Terminology introduces students to industry-accepted language and terms in health care. This course provides students with the opportunity to interpret and use commonly used medical terms, symbols, and abbreviations.

Confident business communication requires students to explore the changing landscape of digital media, while developing writing skills and the ability to craft professional, effective communications. In this course, students explore research tools to aid in effective oral presentations and strengthen interpersonal skills to become effective communicators in the Canadian workplace.

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This course is intended to provide a hands-on learning experience with the Windows operating system and computer applications (Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint) used in a business environment. Students will develop skills and experience in creating business documents, navigating, integrating, and analyzing data across multiple worksheets, managing professional communications, and creating computer-based presentations.

Students focus on the role unit employees play in completing medical order administrative tasks: understanding what the order calls for, identifying the departments and specialists connected to the order, and distinguishing which orders require administrative tasks to complete, then prioritize and follow orders. Decide on the best strategy to fulfill the duties of the unit secretary role.

Using previously learned theory and practice, students assume the role of a hospital unit employee to integrate the management skills necessary for the complex day-to-day operations of a hospital unit. Students explore the delivery and organization of healthcare and the effective use of communication tools. Interpersonal skills, teamwork, and individual capacity management strategies and hospital management skills are also tested.

In this course, students explore the management skills necessary in a public health care setting. Students will apply their skills and use health information systems to support the delivery of care in an acute health setting. It is recommended that MOAS1401 Medical Skills in the Medical Office be taken concurrently with this course.

Medical Assistant Certificate Program

Students examine health financing models in Alberta in the context of the Canadian health care system. Students report medical office income and expenses and use best practices to participate in medical office financial activities.

This course prepares the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) to support clinical workflow in the medical office environment. Students measure vital signs and perform various diagnostic tests, while applying infection control principles. Students collect and record health information and use the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to communicate with the health care team. MOAS1201 Healthcare Administration Skills is recommended to be taken concurrently with this course.

EARN MINIMUM CREDITS IN THE FOLLOWING COURSES. Credit students must complete all courses in the program before completing Work Incorporated Study (WIL). WIL courses are completed in a condensed fashion over 6-8 weeks from the end of the second term.

In this course, students use the skills learned throughout their program to develop possible solutions to real-world problems facing business and society. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate applied research, critical thinking, communication, and presentation skills while providing a hands-on, evidence-based, and hands-on response to an identified need.

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In this course, students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful community service with instruction and critical reflection to enrich the learning experience and strengthen the community. Students work in partnership with a community organization to apply their disciplinary knowledge to a challenge identified by the community.

In this placement course, students in the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Secretary program transition from the academic to the professional world by applying the knowledge and skills learned in previous courses to a real-world setting. Students have the opportunity to solidify their understanding of being an artist and learn about current job expectations while interacting with community and industry partners.

The Medical Office Assistant and Secretarial Certificate program prepares graduates for a wide variety of management opportunities in health services. Duties may include reception at the reception; schedule client appointments; processing of patient discharges and transfers; prepare charts and enter data into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR); communicate with patients, visitors, and members of the healthcare team; and select patient screening activities, such as infection prevention and control measures, collection of measurements of height, weight, and vital signs.

To best support the efforts of collaborative healthcare teams and deal directly with patients, they must be personable, have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, be highly organized and pay attention to detail, have critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and being able to maintain their composure under pressure.

Aot Office Applications: Associate In Applied Science

What are the job opportunities for graduates of this program and how much can I expect to earn?

Employment statistics for various occupations are updated and controlled by the Government of Alberta. See Alberta Learning Information Services: Career Profile (links below) for up-to-date information. Medical Office Assistant and Division Clerk positions are competitive and subject to labor market conditions. Click below for more information:

Excellent career opportunities exist in medical offices and clinics, public hospitals (Alberta Health Services), private health centers and specialty practices, long-term care facilities, nursing services and insurance agencies, and other medical agencies.

Yes. Chiu Business School has many returning students in their final year who bring excellent life and work experience to study skills and new careers. Career opportunities for program graduates are significant regardless of age. Employers want candidates who demonstrate maturity and common sense.

Pima Medical Institute Expands Its Online Health Care Administration Program

Once you are a student enrolled in a program at Chiu Business School, our Academic Advisory Team can help you with planning.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Read more in our privacy policy The biggest difference between a Physician Assistant degree and a Certificate is the time it takes to complete the program. In general, a degree program can take two years to complete, while a certificate program can take less than a year to complete. This also depends on whether you are a full-time student. Recognition can be the difference between the two.

A certificate program is a career preparation or training program completed after high school. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a certificate indicating that they have met the requirements of the program.

Physician assistant certification programs are widely available at technical colleges, small colleges, online universities, etc. A common option is a diploma program: The difference between diploma and certificate programs varies from school to school, but in general, these courses cover the same topics. After receiving a certificate or diploma, a student may have the opportunity to pursue professional certification through a third-party organization, such as the CMA.

How Long Is A Medical Office Assistant Course?

Most clinical assistant programs include classroom learning and hands-on laboratory experience. Covered courses often include anatomy, medical terminology, first aid, office procedures, and much more. You will handle both clinical and administrative needs, as employed medical assistants often handle both areas. However, some programs may only cover one or the other. Many programs also offer the opportunity to complete an internship in an actual clinical setting, such as a hospital. The purpose of a diploma or certificate program is to

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