Navy Intelligence Officer Career Path

Navy Intelligence Officer Career Path – Who we are and what we do: The nation’s oldest intelligence agency operating under the umbrella of the National Intelligence Agency and its services. We study our opponents to: Predict their actions…and advise our commanders. Find their forces…and inform our Fleet System.. .and preserve our freedom of action. Emerging Threats To enable our leaders to equip our fleet and prepare for the future. How we do it: Enter the adversarial planning and decision cycle, collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from multiple sources. Take advantage of the intelligence community

SWO Career Path (INTEL) Trng Options Initial Operations/Maritime Duties Coastal Duty/ School/Other Operations O3/O4 Important Events Competition Shore or O5 School Assistant Milestone and/or Competition Coast Command or attach other operational personnel O6 critical events and/or I -Command key personnel N2/J2/Director Navy Side/Joint Command Side Profit POCR/Lat Xfr/LDO On-Ramp CDR M/S SB CDR CMD SB CAPT M/S SB CAPT CMD SB Building/Features General CVN/CAG Intel Center Amphib JPME NSW NPS FID/FIAF CVN/CAG Intel Center Amphib COCOM NSW JPME NECC NPS FID/FIAF attached CVN/CSG Intel Center ESG COCOM NSW OPNAV # FLT attached #FLT N2 Joint Intel Ctr CO Staff N2 Navy Intel CO ONI CO Theater J2 Major Staff Master of Continuing Education N2 and JPME I/II Intel Center = CNO/IP, ONI, DIA, JIOC NGA, NSA, JIATF

Navy Intelligence Officer Career Path

Funding limitations may affect the order placement timeline. (At least two months before departure) Limited ability to move people ahead of schedule. A need to stop making payments or “Two Goods” Inventory constraints – not enough in the 1830s to fill all demand Opportunities Increased shipping needs (shore / floating ) Challenges and opportunities in shaping leading building styles offer Reduction of COCOM Offshore Buildings 85% Strict enforcement of Time on Station (TOS) (Op Lead, Promotional Exceptions) 4

The Jack Ryan Career Path: How Veterans Can Join The Cia

Station times are just a suggestion… It’s easy to move in 12 months. The profile contains a list of personal tasks that can be displayed on the bulletin board. Details of the board results will be known in advance. Official NAVADMIN I will go to the main intelligence center. But there is no surveillance center……….. Ridiculous training requests are automatically approved………. Don’t tell us the details of what you really want. And they’ll be happy to find it for you. My son is a trained Lego builder. And moving us will have a negative impact on his training schedule. I spent a lot of money on my pool…you can’t shake me! I know I’m a flag But can you keep me in Ensign Billet at Norfolk/San Diego/Mayport/Tampa for the 9th trip in a row? Going underground for a PRD extension or last minute opening is a good idea…. 5

OPNAV allows transitioning to PCS to submit an OSA for management through the normal details channel. During the 1830s it was encouraged to complete an IA (from shore duty) or OSA before a leadership evaluation in Operational (O5) OSA for 12 months to 17 PCS service members to Emergency Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) Norfolk or San Diego and referral to ITDY for training and use. One year of OSA work will include the same benefits as one year of unaccompanied overseas travel. 8

9 AF/PAK HANDS A unique opportunity to provide deep analytical and cultural expertise to COIN’s mission in Afghanistan. Assignments include language training and cultural training. This is followed by two one-year rotational assignments to AFG or PAK.

Functional leadership activities = important activities Performance relative to type of activity is key to progress. Leadership visits are key to demonstrating core competencies. Early Access Journey – Learning Intel in the Workplace Mid Career – Intellectual Leadership within the 5 Core Competencies – Intellectual Leadership across all Core Competencies /O-6 Battles – Lead IDC on critical LT and LCDR assignments. Hiring is Equally for promotion purposes, 52% are LTs, 48% are LCDRs. If you’re early, you need to stay competitive. CAPT/CDR jobs require operations. Most CDR milestone screens are performed at sea from mid-level O-5 to mid-level 10.

Thailand’s Maritime Strategy: National Resilience And Regional Cooperation > Air University (au) > Journal Of Indo Pacific Affairs Article Display

Mission: Bringing intelligence to all key skills OSA 1 Procurement 2 NSW 3 CVN IO 11 JSOC 2 FLEET N2A 6 CSG N2 9 CTF 3 CSFT 2 ESG N2 4 13 13

LT Graduate Options (Limited Assignments) Naval Postgraduate School — Master’s Degree, JPME I National Intelligence University (NIU) Master of Science in Strategic Intelligence (5 Assignments) Organized LCDR Options By Service Command and Officer Category College — Master’s Degree, Limited Quota of JPME I, so check out the CAPT and CDR non-residential options to choose from. Senior Service Schools, NDU — Master’s Degree, JPME II. (7 quotas) As of November 2009, JPME I is required for Senior Service Schools. Get the latest information and relevant NAVADMINs 14.

1830 Place Places 1830 Place Opportunities India Norway Finland Germany France Russia Italy Croatia Chile China x 2 Greece Japan Singapore Azerbaijan Panama Israel Taiwan United Kingdom Malta Significant time commitment (3.5 to 4.5 years) Selection process that compete Must plan ahead (Interview one year ago To begin training) must have completed mid-career (LT/LDR) Operations Team Leader assignment. Details must be “Free Tour” to apply 15

Many navies and joint ventures 1830 were 1 of 1. Many small explosions could erase one large competitive voyage. Many roads to the same goal: From below: Expected continued high progress and performance by key members of the committee will be noticed: Changes to the new level in the FITREP process constraint directive (number of EP Limited, etc.) “Hard” Breakout Levels (P, MP, EP) Number 1830 in “Hard” Breakout Velocity of Grade Breakout Characteristics : Significant deviations from reporting. “observable” complexity in the profession Shadow Breakout Level Career benefits Level of Impact Maximum Moderate Significant changes will lead to increased opportunities for competitive share 16

Navy Intelligence Officer

Competitive (Teams of Five or More) OSA/Augmentation Individual Washington, DC Joint Experience & JPME I & II Graduate Studies Foreign Tour Waterfront Navy Staff Required: Op Leadership (1 tour) Recommended: Competitive tour I -LCDR Required: Operational Leadership (2 times) Recommended: Competitive Visits diversity; Collaborative experience with CDR required: Operational Leadership (3 visits) Recommended: Competitive visits; diversity; Overall Experience DC Tour Captain 17

Competitive tour “Higher efficiency improvements” Given the complexity of work and the diversity of work locations below: All of the above helps the committee select “The best and most qualified rules” for promoting well-established employees and 18

Chasing inventory, OPA has driven LCDR and CDR to the upper left for five years. Fiscal year 2013 plans to reduce inflation to offset losses. OPA expects fiscal year 2014 to be close to the midpoint of flow for all. Grade DOPMA DOPMA

Objective: Find the best and most qualified IDC officers to serve in key leadership positions. Process: Commander-approved formal management committee, Navy Personnel Command Screen for CDR Operational Leadership, CDR CO. , CAPT CO First Board Meeting 13 September 2010 Board Second Meeting 12 September 2011 Third Board Meeting August 2012 Fourth Board Meeting 9 – 13 September 2013

Q&a: Lieutenant Colonel Keith Miller (us Army) On The Role Of Strategic Intelligence In Us National Security Policy

Major Joint Experience Ministry Certificate JQO = JPME I + JPME II + JD1 / Joint Tour (E-JDA) Phase I JPME I (NPS, Military Colleges, Books) JPME Phase II (JFSC, NWC-Senior Course) JD1 or LCDR and Northern billet in Joint Command = 36 months JQO tour is required. Required for promotion or replenishment JD2 billet JD2 billet is usually for high-profile jobs (JIOC CO, DO, etc.) 21

When would you contact nine months for full-time follow-up (O4 and below)? 12~18 months for NPS, Royal Military Academy, TA, co-lo, EFM, GSA Checklist Before Contacting, consider medium-term career goals. and long term Talk to Senior Advisor 1830. Check the billet list as a guide. Selection guidance documents on the NPC website (O4 and below) are best for initial communication – then call, specifying special circumstances. (EFM Organizing a Number of Spouses) Concise, Concise, and Flexible 22

Supply shortages do not allow us to replenish all billets. In most cases We fill shore orders at 75-85%. Billets may be “Open” but “Unavailable”. Subspecialty details. Admin guide and statistics board Number of Various Experiences 1830 Return to Specialization Pending visits will be handled on a case-by-case basis. in the 1830s with supporting tours of New South Wales. There will be ongoing assignments to ensure that key skills are developed. has been widely published It is expected that the billet options offered will align with established intelligence career paths. and frequently asked questions Receipt of an order by telephone or email is binding on the part of the member 23.

Contact your details to become a Member (O5/O6) or Recorder (O4 and below). Encourage seafarers to apply for OCS, LDO/CWO roles. Write your career timeline – mentor others. Consider the selection committee time. Required courses, etc. Welcome all visitors to Millington! 24

Army Intelligence Analyst (mos 35f): Career Details

USNA 2 5 8 9 10 ROTC 1 STA-21 4 6 OCS 63 64 56 41 48 50 Merchant Marine Indefinite Recall 13 12 Inter-Service Transfer Eligibility 14 15 42 Lat Transfer Board 30 20 Completed 10 8 Options 1 8 1 Total options 12 10 23 * Fiscal year (draft from 26 Sep 12)

Individual job management, OCM access, promotions Maintenance Overall inventory Approval (bill) Position order sponsor Specific

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