Online Bachelor's Degree Information Technology

Online Bachelor's Degree Information Technology – UCAS codeG400 Duration 3 years (BA) 4 years (MCompSci) Entry requirements A*AA including maths, maths with A*, further maths or computer science subject requirements maths further maths entrance exam/maths written work None Statistics: 17% Pass Intake: 40 *3 year average 2020-22 +44 (0) 1865 283507 / 273821 Contact undergraduate.admissions@cs. Subject Requirements: Core Recommended Useful – May be useful in the course Unistat information is given at the bottom of the page for this course. Note that if the number of course participants is very small, no data may be available.

Computers and the programs that run them are among the most complex products ever created. Designing and using them effectively presents many challenges. Meeting these challenges is the goal of computer science as a practical discipline, and it raises some fundamental questions:

Online Bachelor's Degree Information Technology

The ideas now emerging to answer these kinds of questions can be immediately applied to designing new computers, programs, networks, and systems that affect science, business, culture, and every other aspect of life. are changing.

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The course focuses on making connections between theory and practice. It covers a wide range of software and hardware technologies and their applications.

We are looking for students with a strong mathematical ability, who will develop skills that can be used to reason rigorously about the behavior of programs and computer systems and for applications such as scientific computing. .

You will also gain practical problem solving and program design skills. Most of the course topics are linked to practical work in our well-equipped laboratory.

‘There are many things I like about my course. I like the fact that it’s challenging, it’s very theoretical and we get a lot of practical work. Even when the task is a bit difficult, you are never lost because there are many people around to help you. The teachers really support you every step of the way and that motivates you to do well.

Bachelor Of Information Technology

There are so many amazing things I’ve learned that I never knew before. There must be moments when you sit in front of a problem sheet, realizing that you are in the right place. Computer science is everything I hoped it would be.’

To view all Unistat data for Computer Science please select “View Course Data” on the course options below.

Please note that if the number of course participants is very small, no data may be available.

During the first part of the course, your work will be divided into approximately ten lectures and two exercises per week, in addition to approximately two practical sessions.

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In tutorials, you’ll discuss ideas in depth with an experienced computer scientist, usually with just one or two other students.

You will be expected to spend considerable time developing your understanding of the topics covered in the lectures, answering questions designed to test your understanding and preparing the lessons.

As the course progresses, you will also start working in small classes of up to ten people on more specialized topics. Class sizes may vary depending on the options you choose. There are usually around 8-12 students, although classes for some of the more popular papers can be larger.

In the second year, you will participate in a group design internship, which may be sponsored by industry.

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In Years 3 and 4, around a third of your time is spent working on an individual project of your choice.

Most of the tutorials, classes and lectures are delivered by experts in their field. Many are world-renowned experts with years of experience in teaching and research. Some teaching may also be given by postdoctoral fellows or doctoral students studying at the doctoral level.

Computer Science can be studied over three years (BA) or four years, leading to a Master of Computer Science (MCompSci).

The fourth year allows for the study of advanced subjects and an in-depth research project. Students do not need to choose between the three-year and four-year options when applying for a course. All students apply for a four-year course, then decide at the start of the third year whether they wish to continue to the fourth year (subject to achieving a 2:1 at the end of the third year).

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Prices listed on this page are indicative and subject to change. A full list of current options is available on the Computer Science website.

Course content and format may change under certain circumstances. Read more about possible course changes.

Visit the Computer Science website for the latest information on our standard offerings for students taking the BTEC.

Candidates are expected to have A Level (A* or A grade), Advanced Higher (A grade), Advanced Higher (score 7) in IB or other equivalent in Mathematics.

Trial Balance: Definition, How It Works, Purpose, And Requirements

Further Maths A Level is recommended.

*If your school offers an additional Maths A level we expect you to have taken it. However, we understand that not all schools offer additional maths, so we consider applications from people with a single maths A-level.

If you live in England and your school does not offer additional maths, check the Advanced Mathematics Support Program website as they may be able to provide additional maths support. If you live in Wales, see More Maths Support Program Wales.

Note that from 2020-23, 96% of A-level students offered a place on computer science courses (including combined courses), taking further mathematics to A-level.

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If any of your science A-levels have a practical component that is used to meet your offer, we expect you to pass it.

Visit the Computer Science Department website for more information on how to apply, including interview tips, sample MAT essays and sample questions.

September 29, 2023

Separate registration is required for this examination and it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that they are registered.

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We strongly recommend that arrangements be made well in advance of the deadline. Everything you need to know, including guidance on how to prepare, is on the MAT page.

We are looking for proven mathematical skills, the ability to think and work independently, the ability to absorb and apply new ideas, and enthusiasm. We use these criteria along with Maths Admission Test (MAT) results to decide who to interview.

In the interview we explore how you deal with unfamiliar problems and respond to new ideas. We are more interested in how you approach the solution to the problem rather than the solution. We do not require any previous formal qualifications in computing, but we do expect a genuine interest in the subject.

Common roles for graduates include computer programmers, software designers and engineers, financial analysts and scientific researchers. According to data compiled by

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We do not want anyone who is academically qualified to secure a place to study here to be held back by their financial circumstances. To meet this goal, Ford offers one of the most generous financial aid packages available to students in the UK and this can be met with support from your college.

More information can be found on our Course Fees page. Fees will generally increase annually. More information can be found in our guidance on possible increases in fees and charges.

Cost of living The cost of living at Ford can be lower than you might expect, as our world-class resources and training can help keep costs down. Living costs for the academic year starting in 2024 are estimated to be between £1,345 and £1,955 for each month you are at Ford. Our academic year consists of three eight-week terms, so you will not normally need to be in the paddock for more than six months of the year but you will need to budget over a nine-month period to ensure this. That you have too. Sufficient amount to cover necessary expenses during vacation. Visit our Cost of Living webpage for more information. Financial Aid Home Home (UK, Irish and other eligible students with UK citizenship – students undertaking their first undergraduate degree*) A tuition fee loan is available from the UK Government to cover course fees, so you need to do this. Do not pay your course fees in advance. In 2024, Ford is offering one of the most generous scholarship packages of any UK university to students from households with a family income of £50,000 or less, with UK students from households with a household income of £32,500 or less Additional opportunities are available to students of The UK Government also offers support with accommodation costs to UK domestic students and those with resident status who meet the accommodation requirements. *For courses starting on or after 1 August 2021, the UK Government has confirmed that EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals will be eligible for UK Government funding if they hold UK citizenship. have rights (ie have settled advance or resident status, or if they are an Irish citizen covered by Common Travel Area arrangements). What support you can get from the government depends on your residence status. See more details. Islands (Channel Islands and Isle of

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