Public Affairs Officer Job Description

Public Affairs Officer Job Description – What are the best Public Relations job titles for you and your team? I reviewed 72 PR jobs searched by candidates (and employers!) and found the best titles for you to choose from. This is the latest chapter in Ongigo’s series called Job Titles: The Definitive Guide.

Our previous article on the Top 20 Communications Jobs featured PR departments, but we thought Public Relations should have its own article as well. PR and communications tend to overlap depending on the size of the organization and this is reflected in the job titles. For example, CarGurus has both “PR” and “Communications” in its VP title, “VP PR & Communications.” Events are also covered by some companies, such as Williams-Sonoma, which holds the position of “Senior Public Relations and Events Specialist”.

Public Affairs Officer Job Description

To achieve this, we decided to focus on jobs with “PR” or “Public Relations”. Let’s take a look at a typical organizational chart of PR positions.

Public Relation Officer Cum Protocol Officer Job Bangladesh

Below is a public relations hierarchy chart showing seniority from top to entry level job positions:

Here’s a list of the names in each row of the pyramid, each with a slightly larger texture:

Top public relations managers don’t always have the word “PR” in their titles. Chief Communications Officer (Salesforce), Director of Corporate Communications (Unilever) and Head of Public Relations (postmates) are responsible for their company’s public relations activities.

There are many alternative titles for public relations manager. Here are the best jobs I found from candidates and employers:

Public Relations Officer Jobscope

When you get down to the PR level of individual contributors, it becomes clearer. Here are the top 15 candidates and employers I found:

Below is a list of the top 20 Public Relations jobs based on Google searches we found on ahrefs.

Public Relations Specialist is the most sought-after job by candidates. What is a Public Relations Specialist? Balance Careers says:

Public relations (PR) professionals communicate with the public on behalf of a company, organization, individual, politician or government. Sometimes they are called communication or media professionals.’

Wiltshire College. Job Description. Public Relations Officer (fixed Term Maternity Cover) 5: 21,103 Per Annum Marketing And Communications Manager

I have included a brief description of each job opening along with the number of job searches per month by employers.

A PR manager, also known as a public relations manager, manages the public relations department or PR firm. The PR manager coordinates the public relations team and oversees the planning of external communications. The PR manager is the liaison between the public relations team and the media or external marketing firms promoting the product or organization.

The Public Relations Specialist creates media releases and develops social media plans for the organization. A public relations specialist is also responsible for creating and maintaining an organization’s public image. The day-to-day responsibilities of a public relations specialist include answering media inquiries, helping clients communicate effectively with the public, preparing speeches, securing media interviews, and maintaining a positive corporate image and identity.

A publicist manages advertisements for companies, public figures, celebrities and films. A publicist effectively communicates a brand message to a target audience by performing the following tasks:

Two Public Affairs Airmen Receive Air Force Level Awards > U.s. Air Forces In Europe & Air Forces Africa > Article Display

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for leading and managing the creation of strategic public relations initiatives for the client or organization. The Director of Public Relations oversees the coordination of media interviews and may also act as a key spokesperson. Another responsibility of the director of public relations is to manage the team members who are tasked with creating talking points for press releases, media packages and speeches.

The public relations coordinator maintains and develops the public image of the organization or client. Duties of the public relations coordinator include:

The Public Relations Intern assists the PR and Communications department with various tasks. The public relations intern performs the following tasks:

A PR assistant, also known as a public relations assistant, is responsible for supporting a senior public relations officer or publicist. The PR assistant performs administrative duties, does research for the PR department and prepares press clips for media or internal communications. A PR assistant also updates email lists and sends emails to journalists.

Top 20 Public Relations Job Titles [+ Descriptions]

A public relations officer or PR manager is a senior management position that leads a public relations team. The public relations officer is responsible for:

My team and I share this research on public relations jobs to help you optimize yours. It supports our mission to transform job descriptions. Visit to see how our software changes job titles and descriptions.

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