Senior Business Development Executive Salary

Senior Business Development Executive Salary – HR managers can earn a monthly salary between S$8,000 and S$17,000. Meanwhile, Talent Acquisition Partners and C&B Partners can earn between S$3,800 and S$7,200 and S$3,500 and S$7,600 respectively.

Links International’s Singapore Salary Guide 2021 dives into six sectors of Singapore to compare market trends in 2020-2021 and provide salary indices for different occupations. The sectors are: sales and marketing; banking, finance and accounting; computer science; HR, administrative and business support; procurement, supply chain and manufacturing as well as life sciences and healthcare.

Senior Business Development Executive Salary

According to the report, all six industries are estimated to experience an increase in wages of up to 11% (if there is no change in employment) and an estimated increase in wages of up to 25% (if there is a change in work).

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In Singapore as a whole, the proportion is estimated to be between 4 percent and 15 percent. Looking at the industry-specific figures, they are as follows:

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In 2020, this business activity has played a more visible and effective role in companies due to COVID-19. The report said that the task of professionals is to manage the arrangements for remote work, visa applications, deportations and other operational changes.

“HR professionals who deal with stakeholder management and organizational strategy will see their importance increase. Companies want to implement plans that help them cope with changes and survive the economic crisis undamaged,” the report added.

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Regarding the outlook for HR, management and business support in 2021, the report says that there will be more pressure on the use of technology in companies, as many HR professionals are being trained to improve their technical skills. In addition, several initiatives will be implemented to facilitate companies’ access to HR technology solutions and to integrate cloud-based HR applications into their business processes.

In terms of importance in this business process, its salary index between rookies, seniors and seniors is as follows:

Similarly, the sales and marketing sector was affected by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. However, e-commerce remained flat and “is one of the areas that ‘ some growth,” the report said. This has increased the demand for digital marketing professionals, especially specialized jobs such as SEO, SEM and social media professionals.

For this reason, the e-commerce business model is expected to continue to grow; so the sales and marketing job is moving towards the professional jobs mentioned above. Therefore, traditional marketing activities continue to be complicated and marginalized.

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Looking at the basic sales and marketing standards, its salary index between newcomers, seniors and seniors is as follows:

The banking, finance and accounting sector has a very strong performance compared to others. According to the report, the need for professionals in this field is also very high in the fastest growing fields such as technology, life sciences and health care. This potential is increasing as companies move their Asian headquarters from Hong Kong to Singapore due to reasons such as high rents, China’s slowing economy and the country’s protectionist laws. .

The report said: “A significant increase in companies relocating to Singapore could create more job opportunities for local residents.”

Looking at the key positions in financial management and accounting, its salary index between newcomers, seniors and seniors is as follows:

Sales Appointment Setting

Like banking, finance and accounting, the IT sector remained resilient during the pandemic. The report shared, “Despite the economic challenges facing consumers and businesses, the demand for technology talent remains strong.” And this trend will continue throughout 2021, as companies continue to implement technical solutions in their operations.

In addition, the report revealed that artificial intelligence and Big Data are two of the most important things that change business and will determine the development paths of companies in the near future.

Among the important positions in this business, its salary index between rookies, seniors and seniors is as follows:

As a result of this epidemic, the price, sales of goods and the production process have had a great impact. Transportation engineering (ship and offshore engineering; aviation; land) and general manufacturing (printing; food beverages and tobacco; miscellaneous industries) are reported to be the most affected. the best. Its production fell by 24 percent and 12.6 percent.

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Be that as it may, biomedical production is projected to be in strong demand in 2021. This is because this epidemic has increased health awareness worldwide and therefore increased the demand for medical equipment and drugs. The report also added that biomedical manufacturing output rose 89.8 percent year-over-year in September and 26.6 percent in 2020 so far.

“When health awareness is on the minds of citizens, life sciences and health care benefited greatly and grew strongly. Investments in scientific development are also at a high level with most of all, he continued to promote life sciences,” the report shares. Growth will continue in 2021, as pharmaceutical companies increase production of pharmaceutical products and need work to increase production capacity.

In addition to the spread of COVID-19, there is a need to focus more on research and development to develop smart technologies. Thus, jobs such as biotech specialists will increase in value in 2021.

For key positions in Life Science and Healthcare, its salary index between newcomers, seniors and seniors is as follows:

Senior Business Development Executive

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We break down the big and buzz topics of the day to keep you up to date on the most important HR events in Asia – for free. A business development manager helps the organization in its growth by finding new customers. They develop and implement new business opportunities. They leverage data, conduct market research, look for business trends and opportunities, and use it to drive sales and growth for the company.

The full form of BDE is OnBusiness Development Executive. The Business Development Executive (BDE) plays an important role in the success of any business. BDE’s main job is to find new customers. BDEs are very important in business development and getting a sales contract. BDEs are the face of that organization in the market.

BDE has an important responsibility to maintain public relations and use them for the development of the organization. The business development manager provides the necessary revenue performance by developing new marketing strategies. Their job is to help sell and grow the organization.

The Ultimate Guide To Business Development Executive: Job Description, Roles, Responsibilities, Salary

BDE (full BDE is Business Development Executive) ensures the continued success of the organization by managing the business development process. In addition to collaborating with managers and other business executives, their duties include meeting with potential business partners, managing current customer situations, and evaluating industry trends to identify new opportunities. of business development.

Business development managers often work for companies where they can provide new ideas for business growth. As experts in the company’s products and services, they are always looking for ways to improve existing solutions and invent new ones. As company representatives, their duties include maintaining and maintaining communication with customers, raising funds from investors and following up on potential business opportunities. The ability to present one’s ideas in written business proposals to be presented to C-Series executives may also be required.

The job description of a Business Development Executive (BDE) mainly involves promoting growth and developing the company’s customer base. The exact job description may vary depending on the company’s needs, but here are the general duties and responsibilities of a business development director:

The role of the business development director is important for the expansion of the company, as it helps to find new customers.

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The main responsibility of a BDE or Business Development Executive is to find new customers, which is essential for the success of a continuous and growing market.

Business development involves planning and action to achieve sustainable expansion of the company’s operations. The goal of most business development activities is to increase the value of the company. BDE can bring about the necessary changes and increase productivity in various groups. Business development serves the following purposes:

Although a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field, such as business administration, is considered an advantage, only those with a high school education and extensive work experience can still be employed as business development managers. business. On the other hand, an MBA may be more desirable for certain companies. Industry certifications such as Certified Business Development Specialist or Business Development Specialist are also desirable to the applicant.

Depending on the company and industry, a Business Development Manager may require a variety of experience, but a degree or MBA is usually considered for this position.

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After graduation, many people look for pre-sales and marketing jobs or internships to build their skills. Some employers may also prefer applicants with previous sales experience.

The ability to communicate your ideas effectively is essential if you want to succeed in this industry. Companies appreciate applicants who can communicate effectively in writing, orally and by listening carefully to the needs of potential customers. These marketers know how to categorize customer needs into concepts and apply them

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