Senior Software Engineer Salary London

Senior Software Engineer Salary London – Although the global labor market is not going through the best of times, the software development industry is still one of the most developed industries in the global market and is on the way to expand even more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that total employment of various software development specialists will increase by 25% by 2031. It is very fast compared to other businesses.

A Morgan Stanley research note said that despite large-scale technical layoffs, the broader labor pool is not yet in real danger, as staffing levels have been below pre-pandemic levels for some time. Moreover, the salary of a software developer is expected to be the highest in the global market salary in 2022. This is true, especially in today’s technological development and digitization.

Senior Software Engineer Salary London

The scope of the industry has expanded and new emerging businesses have been entertained. Explore software engineering, web development, front-end and back-end development, mobile application development, game development and other salary rates in this post. As a trusted IT vendor with experienced development experts, will guide you through the process.

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Of course, you may be wondering why software developers earn so much. This is explained by the growing global need for their services and the wide scope of knowledge and skills required by programmers for their profession.

Still, there is a difference in how much software developers with the same job position earn in different locations. This is because the cost of hiring software coders varies from country to country and even regions within a country.

For example, due to location factors, the cost of hiring a web developer in the US will be different than hiring the same developer in Canada. In Europe, there are also some differences in salaries in the software development market, and we will discuss them in this article.

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Additionally, we see an upward trend in salaries and employment rates among IT professionals such as software developers and quality assurance specialists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the period 2021-2031, IT specialists can expect to see approximately 162,900 job openings annually.

As for salary, the IT Salary Report 2022 reveals that the average salary for IT professionals increased by 4% in 2022. In comparison, in 2021, it was an increase of only 2.3%. Such growth is mainly linked to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent economic issues, which have forced tech workers to demand higher wages.

Since we mentioned the United States earlier, let’s take a look at software developer salaries in this country. Consider the highest paying cities in America.

Blind surveys conducted among more than 5 million software developers reveal that the following cities offer the best compensation in the United States:

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Check out the full Blind Report to learn about the other 25 highest-paying cities for software developers.

Now let’s see which US states offer the highest average software engineering salaries. Here are some insights provided by Zippia as of November 2022:

What is the average salary of a software developer in European countries? And how is it different from America? Let’s do a brief comparison.

As you can see, Eastern European countries like Ukraine offer the most reasonable rates in terms of recruitment. Also, the software engineering services are of the highest quality in the field.

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According to data, a junior software developer in the US earns an average of $75,315. Whereas, the starting salary for a software developer is $68,820 and can reach up to $82,635.

The salary of a senior software developer is much higher as such experts have more experience, educational credentials, advanced skills etc. The median annual salary for such a specialist in the United States is $136,915. But it can be up to $120,701. and reach $157,155.

As in other high-paying countries for software developers, the salary gap between junior and senior job positions varies by the following numbers:

Another interesting aspect of the software development industry is that it has a low gender pay gap, which is smaller than in other industries. According to Payscale data, the false gender pay gap is as low as $0.9 for individual contributors working in the tech industry.

Google Vs Standard Vs Facebook

Generally, the salary of a software engineer depends on the skill set and years of experience. But what are the qualifications that can increase their salary?

A typical entry-level software engineer must have relevant education or certification. Such experts understand a limited set of technologies well. For example, they could be one or two programming languages ​​such as Python or PHP and some frameworks and libraries.

Becoming a senior software engineer requires a lot of hard work. This requires an expert’s in-depth understanding of the technologies employed, knowledge of software architecture, and leadership skills to oversee the development team.

According to Dice, some of the highest paying tech skills include expertise in machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and blockchain.

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Given that the scope of the industry is wide, the market and salary rates are different for different software professions. Let us take a closer look at how much it costs to hire different types of software developers and how much they will earn for their jobs in 2022.

The continued growth in the use of mobile devices and the increasing popularity of the Internet for searching, connecting and promoting has increased the demand for web developers.

Now, the employment rate of web developers is projected to grow by 23% between 2021 and 2031. This is much faster than the average non-technical business.

Regarding payroll, the average annual salary for a web developer in the United States is $90,565, but can reach $130,000 for highly-experienced professionals.

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The IT Salary Report 2022 shows that the average salary for IT professionals will increase by 4% in 2022. In comparison, in 2021, it was an increase of only 2.3%.

Front-end developers are claimed to have one of the most valuable skill sets in the software development industry.

Back-end developers build and maintain your website data architecture and infrastructure. Simply put, they force the front-end code to behave according to its functions. Therefore, these programmers are always paid more than front-end coders when comparing similar work conditions.

The average back-end developer salary in the United States is $117,482, but can range from about $95,000 to about $154,988.

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As already mentioned, the average software engineer salary depends on the location and programming languages ​​used by the developer. This is explained by the demand for a particular programming language and what tasks it can solve in software development.

Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand and most used programming and scripting languages ​​for 2022 according to the Stack Overflow survey:

The average cost of hiring a development and operations engineer (DevOps) in the US in 2022 is $130,000 annually. Such experts are well paid and well respected.

Salary overview for mobile app developers in 2022 varies from country to country. According to, the average salary of a mobile application developer in the US is $115,480 per year. Whereas, Indian mobile app developers earn an average salary of $9,193 per year.

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IOS and Android mobile development are most beneficial, where the former requires knowledge of Swift or Objective-C programming languages, and the latter requires knowledge of Kotlin or Java.

The average salary for an iOS developer in the United States is around $125,000. But for a senior iOS app developer in the US, the rate can reach $160,000 annually.

The average Android developer salary in the United States is $122,251. Additionally, more professional coders can earn up to $156,000 per year.

Data scientists around the world are also having field days beyond pay. Deep knowledge of SQL, R and Python is required for these specialists.

Senior Software Engineers With Experience In Nlp, Ai In Demand

The average rate in the US for such specialists in 2022 is about $127,264. An experienced senior data scientist will earn an average salary of $170,308.

According to Payscale data, the false gender pay gap is as low as $0.9 for individual contributors working in the tech industry.

Now, companies look for multi-skilled professionals who can work on both the front-end and back-end parts of an application. This is why the demand for full-stack developers has increased.

According to, the average salary for a full-stack developer in the US is $115,334 annually and can reach $149,583.

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Game developers can tell different stories, channels, puzzles and challenges through games. To be successful in this field, game-development professionals typically have to work with multiple artists, programmers, and even technical staff to develop new games and update older versions of some video games.

What salary can a game developer expect in the US? That’s an average of $100,000. However, some states pay more:

Apart from the salary of software developers, there are other salaries that are worth considering. Let’s see how much different IT professionals earn.

The software developer profession is not going away anytime soon. Additionally, the average software engineering salary will continue to rise.

Jpmorgan’s Developers Would Now Like Another Pay Rise

According to Nodeflare, the software engineering profession is poised to reach its all-time high in 2022, seeing a 22% increase in salaries.

We also see that the officers and

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