Should I Be An Interior Designer Quiz

Should I Be An Interior Designer Quiz – Spring has finally sprung here in New Hampshire, and I feel like I, like nature, am starting to come out of the long winter!

In the past few months, I’ve been knee-deep in 4 projects of varying sizes (new construction on Lake Sunapee nearing completion, a 1930’s Tudor house, a beautiful 1880’s house, and a new “old” house in Vermont). I’m also closing out the Fall 2021 round of The Home Glow Method(R), and I’m working on some exciting new offers for you all – including an upcoming mini-challenge for those of you who need it “quick”. style repair,” and a long-term design training program for those who want to transform your entire home under the guidance of a trusted consultant (me!).

Should I Be An Interior Designer Quiz

And, man, supply chain issues & commodity prices keep rising. Dear readers who buy from retail sources feel the same way, I know. It’s heartbreaking for me and my entire small team, but to all my customers – thank you so much for your continued patience and understanding.

How To Use A Quiz As A Lead Magnet

I’ve been wanting to create an interior design quiz for my readers for a long time because most of the BAZILLION design quizzes out there just don’t strike me as special. I took dozens of them as I brainstormed, researched and developed My Month over the past month. Almost all of them go something like this:

Can I ask an honest question? For those of you who answered this design question –

Here’s the deal – owning a forever home is like being in a long-term committed relationship. There are qualities you may love about your partner (in this case your house ), but there may be some things you don’t like…. And areas where your personalities may clash cause “compatibility issues.”

These “compatibility issues” often occur when there is a disconnect between the natural curves of your home’s architecture and your own style preferences.

The Csh Stay At Home Design Quiz

That’s why many homeowners get SOOOOOOO stuck in the whole house when they try to decorate their house with “composite.”

In your design style. This is what good designers understand and do for their clients… even if their clients don’t! And so, in addition to asking questions about your preferences, this unique interior design quiz asks some questions like:

Just like I wanted my blog posts and design courses to be, I wanted to create a quiz that would be very useful. I want to use my knowledge as a designer and guide you towards solutions that work for you and your home forever. One that will stand the test of time.

Based on your answer, you will end up with one of 7 timeless design styles that combine your own design preferences with the architecture of your home, along with:

Interior Design Style Quiz

The quiz is very short – only 8 questions! But it is a useful little tool, the payoff is quite!

For those of you who have used the GLO Home (R) method, you understand the whys and wherefores behind these results… and how to fully customize and implement them according to the vision you have created yourself on the course.

But for those of you who are just starting to dip your toes into the waters of your own home transformation forever, I hope this gives you clarity and a new and clear direction of where you can be!

My goal is to educate you and help you create the home you’ve always loved! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new Home Compatibility Test and your results in the comments!

Quiz: Find Out Your Interior Design Style

I’ll be back soon with some previews of projects I’ve been working on for the past 6 months. Also, keep your eyes peeled for updates on my upcoming little challenge and the next session of The Home Glow Method! I have something really fun for you today. Over the last few months, I have designed an interior design quiz. The ability to describe your design style is very important.

Have you ever wanted to create a pulled together look in your home? Or maybe you’re tired of spending money on decorations that look great in the store but don’t quite fit when you get home. I found that the biggest design problem is not knowing where to start.

All good design starts with understanding what you define as your style. It should be at the forefront of every design decision you make for your home. Whether you think you know what your design style is, or maybe you’re just not sure, this fun quiz will help you learn which style suits you best!

After you take the test I will email you everything you remember Be aware of your particular design style. Including the best places to shop and design ideas to suit your style.

What’s Your Interior Design Style? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

I hope you walk away with the confidence to make a design decision with your overall design style in mind. You are ready to test! Click the button below to start the quiz and find out what your interior design style is.

The interior design quiz is a fun way to discover your design style.In 30 seconds you’ll discover the most important factors in creating a home you love. After completing the questionnaire, look for an email with complete information. An explanation of how to determine your style Interior Design Quiz: Whenever a designer meets a new client, they usually spend time helping them explore different design styles. It helps them find out what they are passionate about. It is a useful technique to find out the direction of the beauty of the design.

When you’re working on designing your own home, deciding on your design style can be overwhelming. Are you modern or traditional? Coastal or mid-century modern? Farmhouse or rustic modern? We developed this quiz to help you get started in the right direction.

It is important to note that styles are constantly changing and evolving, and many people can be a mixture of many styles. This quiz will give you your design DNA, what your results say about your choices, and helpful tips for decorating your home. Design styles range from Scandinavian to Contemporary, Coastal, Farmhouse, Modern Country, Southwestern, Traditional Country, and more.

Freebies For Interior Designers

When you press the Take Quiz button, you will be guided through 8 questions. A written response is not required. It’s quick and easy!

Each issue has around 20-30 pictures of beautiful interiors, color palettes, throw pillows, and lighting in different design styles. Just click on the image that resonates with you. Select as many as you want to get the most accurate results.

At the end of the questionnaire, you will see a registration option for your email form. This is not necessary to see your results. To skip this step, click the Skip this step button.

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Home Decorating Style Quizzes That Work

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