So You Want To Be An Animator

So You Want To Be An Animator – I decided to create this collection of free lessons, tutorials, and tips for this AMAZING job based on what I’ve learned throughout my career and experience as a character illustrator! 😉

I have worked in the animation industry for 10 years and before that…3 years in animation school! I really love my job, I love it… I love animation and I love to share my passion (and why not? my knowledge) with other people!

So You Want To Be An Animator

This is totally OT (well… not really that much) but for those of you who are fans of vintage/retro Disney products like myself… I’d like to share a great find: I just found a magical “trip to the past” vintage store in Rome, full of old and Disney stuff! Today I bought this cute little lenticular (or flickering cartoon card) from 1960. For Rome residents: Il Pianeta del Collezionista (Planet of the Collector), I highly recommend this place😍

Animated Characters: Sequence 1

Finally! There is a new tutorial on the Internet “How to MAKE A BIKE IN 15 STEPS”, every step is explained in detail! I hope you find it easy to follow and this was probably the hardest video so far, I really spent the most time trying to find the best way to explain each step to you and why the body moves a certain way.. .it’s quite long. compared to all other videos in my channel, I hope you don’t find it boring… 😛 So just let me know if you prefer this kind of editing and length and if some parts are not clear enough for this feedback it will help me to improve my next videos ! 😉 I look forward to hearing what you think!

Third group 20 GENERAL TERMS! Another new series, a quick introduction to the most used animation terms you’ll hear in production…so…if you’re new to this world…don’t be caught off guard!😛

BALANCE never forgets to check the distribution of weight in its poses so as not to lose the credibility of its animation

CONSTRAINT a subordinate connection between two objects or body parts, the target object drags and steers the bound object on all or only the axes of our choice

How To Become An Animator In India: Courses, Eligibility, Skillset

PLAYS an animation where a character has dialogue or expresses emotion through body language

DYNAMIC SIMULATION – motion simulation created by software based on physical rules! Often used for hair, cloth or other body parts and inanimate elements

ASYMMETRY to make your poses and facial expressions more attractive… use asymmetry to enhance them and make them more convincing

FOCAL LENGTH is the angle of the camera, by changing the focus of the camera we can control the size of the elements in the picture, as a result of which the frame is smaller or larger and perspective distortion!

Reasons You Won’t Be An Animator

Split an important pose between two key poses that help define timing, distance, path of action…how the character achieves the next pose

A forward lead-off position when walking or running is a position where one leg moves in front of the other

GIMBAL LOCK issues that can occur in your animation when a rotation axis is placed on top of another axis, causing an incorrect rotation effect

GREEN SCREEN or CROMA KEY is a technique used to separate an image from its background with a color key

How Much Math To Study To Become An Educational Animator

LOCATOR we can create a locator in the software to control other objects by connecting them to the locator which is used as a remote control

SILHOUETTE dark shadow that shows a black flat image of the character and is used to check pose legibility in animations

REFERENCE is the use of real-time motion photography to help us explore body movements and acting ideas, timing, poses and find inspiration for our shot!

The CHANNEL BOX 3D software has a panel on the right side of the screen where you can control and move the device’s function values

Animator: Occupations In Alberta

POSE TO POSE is an alternative animation method that differs directly from the venture with its step-by-step touch controls, small number of key poses, and breakdowns.

POLISH / MOVE The last process of the cinematographer is polishing and finishing the shot: cleaning the contact, checking the arc, counterbalance, smoothness and fluidity of the movement … increasing the quality of the final result!

That’s it for these 20 movement terms, and I invite you to let me know in the comments if you have any terms to recommend so I can expand my list! Subscribe to the channel if you like it and support my project with free movement tutorials and tutorials by LIKE and SHARE my videos! see you next time!

Another set of 20 GENERAL TERMS! Another new series, a quick introduction to the most used animation terms you’ll hear in production…so…if you’re new to this world…don’t be caught off guard!😛

Adobe Character Animator: Everything You Need To Know + Free Puppets

ATTITUDE to your character’s emotions and thoughts! When moving, you always have to keep in mind which stance he will use to perform the scene better!

FRAME RATE (FPS) The number of frames per second (FPS) we set to create a second animation. Common frames per second: Movies 24fps – TV 25fps – Games 30/60fps

Body mechanics how we move when we walk, run, climb stairs and so on… How the body reacts and moves during these actions!

MOMENTUM is a principle of physics based on the movement of a character based on its mass and velocity. Is there motivation, drive, power in the movement!

How To Rig And Animate A Character In Cartoon Animator And After Effects

HOOK UP or CONTINUITY continuity between character poses, camera movements, or other shots

ANIMATE initial edit with all sequential images, usually storyboarded with images and used as a reference for layouts

ABIENT OCCLUSION is a 3D software algorithm that calculates how objects interact with ambient light and helps add realism to a scene.

MIX SAPES predefined shapes and expressions that you can find on your device! Move them to change poses and expressions!

How To Start Learning Animation At Home

PAN (CAMERA) pan the camera from point to point following a character, landscape or for narration

DEMO REEL all animators have their own demo reel – a video that collects our best animations, which we use as a portfolio when we want to show off our skills and experience.

BASIC POSES the main poses that make up your animation. Finally, we simply use the key settings shown in stages to make the performance perfectly readable even in uneven stages.

ACTION LINE is an imaginary line that runs through the character and shows the direction of the energy flow of the action and the power of the pose, it helps us create attractive and convincing poses!

How To Get A Job At Pixar Animation Studios

Camera shake is added to the camera to create a comfortable camera effect or simulate camera shake in collision and other situations

GRAPH EDITOR is animation’s best friend or worst enemy! 😀 It’s a basic tool to manage your processes and animations!

LIVE GAME movies made with real actors and stages. Some live action movies may contain CGI elements

MOVING MEAT Keep your characters alive! Use motion to add movement to characters when they hold a pose

Best Ai Software For Animators And Motion Designers

RHYTHM is the flow of your animation! The action or play must have a good rhythm. The timing, spacing and intensity of your actions/gestures will determine the rhythm of your shot

SMEAR FRAMES is an exaggerated use of the principle of motion blur, the mesh is duplicated or extremely stretched to give a blurred effect that would normally only appear in 1 frame

👀BLINK! Alternately add a blink or a half-blink! We blink every time we turn from side to side, so it’s important to make the character more realistic and alive!

‼️ Spend time creating your starting and ending poses! Even if it’s a simple exercise…work on your facial expression, play with asymmetry, strengthen your chest, shoulders, neck…

Why Is There A Lack Of Women In Animation, And What Can We Do About It?

Move the chest slightly to the side in the final position, play with contrasting dynamic lines between the first and last pose! Make it attractive and fun to watch!

(In my tutorial, I focused more on movement, I didn’t impose poses and expressions, but I recommend doing it in my animations! 😉

Do it fast! Avoid floating eyes … max 2/3 frames to change direction and animate pupils smoothly, for example: initial pose -> fast movement in 1 or 2 frames and -> slow down! You can wait a few frames to change the direction of the gaze before the head starts to turn, or use the flash in the middle of the turn to change it while the eyes are closed!

Ease in and out between opening and closing key poses…then add up to 10/20 frames of motion holding to keep your character alive! Light movement compared to flat lines… can make a big difference!

Why Is It So Hard For Some Animators To Illustrate Black Hair?

‼️During this time, I reduced the gap when he’s in the air to have more of a cartoon style! In the meantime, I’m in a hurry

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