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Us Air Force Officer Pay

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Become An Air Force Officer

All branches of the US military are holding state funerals for former President George W. Bush. term James Harvey / US Army

The answer to this question depends on their rank, length of service, location of posts, family members and work experience, just to name a few.

Other benefits, such as public health care and a tax-exempt portion of their paychecks, help military members earn a little more than their civilian counterparts.

To give you an idea, we have explained their monthly or base salaries for each rank. We have estimated the salary rates according to how many years they usually served when they reached that rank; many soldiers spend more time at each rank than we count, while some troops spend less time and are promoted more quickly.

Air Force

We have not included factors such as housing allowance as these vary widely, but they often make up a large part of their compensation. We also did not include warrant officers whose years of service may vary widely.

Each branch of the military sets promotion rules and has an “up or out” policy that determines how long a service member can stay in the military without being promoted.

A drill instructor shows Marines proper technique during martial arts training at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California. Soldiers are paid a minimum amount at basic training camp, but their pay will gradually increase as they gain experience. Corporal Christian Garcia / US Marine Corps

E-1 is the lowest enlisted rank in the US military: Airman Basic (Air Force), Private (Army/Marine Corps), Seaman Recruit (Navy). Service members typically hold this rank through basic training and are automatically promoted to the next rank after six months of service.

Fear Not, There Is Life After Officer Training School

Base salary (salary), rounded to the nearest dollar, at this level starts at $1,695 per month. After four months of service, the salary will increase to $1,833 per month.

From right, the markings on this sailor’s uniform show apprentice sailor, petty officer 3rd class and seaman. Mass Media Specialist Seaman Apprentice Ignacio Perez/US Navy

Service members are automatically promoted to pay grade E-2 after 6 months of service: Airman (Air Force), Private (Army), 1st Class (Marine Corps), Seaman Apprentice (Navy).

A Marine Lance Cpl. strumming his guitar aboard the USS Kearsarge during a deployment. Corporal Antonio Garcia / US Marine Corps

Brown Visits Baltics With Focus On Air Policing Mission

Promotion to E-3 is automatic after 12 months of service. Airman 1st Class (Air Force), Private 1st Class (Army), Corporal (Marine Corps), Marine (Navy).

Senior Airmen make a flag-raising presentation during the 2019 retirement ceremony. Staff Sergeant. Alexander Montes / US Air Force

Although length of service requirements vary between branches, troop members who have advanced to E-4 typically have at least two years of service. Senior Airman (Air Force), Specialist / Corporal (Army), Corporal (Marine Corps), Petty Officer 3rd Class (Navy)

For two-year E-4s, the salary will increase to $2,515 per month. Some soldiers will be promoted to the next rank in this pay grade after only one year; those who remained at the E-4 level would see a pay increase to $2,652 a month after three years of service.

Senior Male Us Air Force Officer Standing Over Light Blue Background Stock Image

Audie Murphy hugs his son on the set of the autobiography “To Hell and Back” while wearing an Army sergeant’s uniform. Bettmann/Getty Images

Promotions are no longer automatic, but units can advance to E-5 with just three years of service. Those ranks are: Sergeant Major (Air Force), Sergeant (Army/Marine Corps), Petty Officer 2nd Class (Navy).

Service members typically spend at least three years at this pay grade. Although they do not advance in rank during this time, their salary will increase during their service.

Four years after enlistment, an E-5 will earn $3,058 per month. After six years of service, their pay will increase to $3,273 a month, even if they don’t get a promotion.

U S Air Force Officers Salute Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Petty Officers First Class of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower participate in a community relations project. The insignia on their shirts is a variation of the Navy’s E-6 insignia, which features an eagle perched on inverted triangular chevrons and the sailor’s business specialty badge. Mass Media Specialist 1st Class Patrick Grieco/US Navy

It is unusual for a soldier to earn the rank of E-6 technical sergeant. (Air Force), Staff Sgt. (Army/Marine Corps), Petty Officer 1st Class (Navy) — less than six years’ service.

After two more years of service, this will increase to a monthly salary of $3,864, which equates to $46,368 per year.

Getting to the next higher pay grade, E-7, before 10 years is not a fluke, but it’s not guaranteed either. If the E-6 is not promoted by then, they will still receive a raise and take home $3,987 a month.

Portrait Of A Disabled Senior Male Us Air Force Officer In Wheelchair Over Gray Background Stock Photo

The next pay increase comes 12 years after enlistment, at which point their monthly salary is $4,225.

Achieving the coveted rank of E-7, Sergeant Major (Air Force), Sgt. 1st Class (Army), Artillery Sergeant. (Marine Corps), Chief Petty Officer (Navy) – Not common with less than 10 years of service, but possible.

Those who reach this milestone will be paid $4,302 per month, rising to $4,440 per month after reaching their 10-year enrollment anniversary.

Some soldiers retire with this salary. if they do, their salary will increase every two years until they can retire. By the time they turn 20, their salary will be $5,232 a month or $62,784 a year.

Eglin Pharmacist Leaves 6 Figure Salary To Serve Country > Air Force Materiel Command > Display

The Army determines how long each soldier can serve in each rank. Often called “up or out,” this means that if a troop member does not advance to the next rank, they cannot re-enlist. Although they vary between branches, in the Navy, this cutoff for NCOs occurs at age 24.

US Navy veteran officer cap with anchor and chain, USN and silver star insignia. Mass Media Specialist 1st Class James Foell/US Navy

Service members may rank E-8 – Senior Master Sergeant. or 1st Sergeant. (Air Force), 1st Sgt. or master sergeant. (Army), Master Sergeant. or 1st Sergeant. (Marine Corps), Senior Chief Petty Officer (Navy) – 12 years of service.

Soldiers who retire as an E-8 after 20 years of service will take home $5,860 a month or $70,320 in annual pay.

Your 2022 Guide To Military Benefits

Military policy prevents more than 29 years of service for every 1st sergeant. or sergeant. major

The coat of arms of the sergeant major appears on the jackets made for the inauguration ceremony. Less than 1% of US Air Force enlisted personnel earn the rank. Airman 1st Class Randy Burlingame / US Air Force

E-9s have 15 to 30 years of experience, but a select few for certain positions may exceed 30 years of service. Their rank is Chief Master Sergeant. (Air Force), Sgt. Major (Army), Artillery Master Sergeant. or Sergeant Major (Marine Corps), Chief Petty Officer (Navy).

Some branches allow E-9s to stay in the military for up to 32 years, at which point they make $8,151 or $97,812 a year.

How To Become An Air Force Pilot

Newly commissioned Marine and Marine Corps officers are celebrating their 2018 graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy. Major Specialist Elliott Fabrizio/US Navy, Mass Media Division

A newly commissioned O-1 – 2nd Lieutenant (Army/Marine Corps/Air Force), Lieutenant (Navy) – earns $3,477 per month in base pay only.

A US Navy 1st lieutenant takes his oath of office during a promotion ceremony. Corporal Jared Stone / US Marines

Officers are automatically promoted to O-2 after two years of service. This is a highly anticipated promotion as it is one of the largest individual pay raises that officers will see in their careers. These ranks are: 1st Lt. (Air Force/Army/Marine Corps), Lt. J.C. (Navy).

Serving Isn’t Only Going To War:’ U.s. Air Force Contracting Officer And Sps Student Joins National Covid 19 Task Force

Officers using the Army’s average promotion program will automatically advance to the next rank after four years of service.

New captains and lieutenants with four years of service receive $6,185 a month. Officers with this rank will receive a raise every two years.

A Navy lieutenant commander talks with the pilots of the USS Ponce 26 helicopter gunship while the ship is deployed in the Persian Gulf in 2014. Mass Media Specialist 1st Class Peter Blair/US Navy/Flickr/Creative Commons

By the time they reach the rank of O-4, officers will have spent an average of 10 years in the service. Major General (Air Force/Army/Marine Corps), Lt. Col. (navy)

Military Pay Charts (4.6% Increase)

A major or lieutenant with ten years of experience earns $7,891 a month.

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