Want To Become An Actress

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Taraji P. Henson has been a mainstay on the small and big screens for more than 20 years, appearing in film and television as diverse characters as NASA scientist Katherine Johnson on Hidden Figures and Cookie Lyon on Fox Empire. The award-winning actress is also very passionate about hair care. She recently launched TPH by Taraji, a line of products for every hair type that hit Target stores in January.

Want To Become An Actress

USA TODAY caught up with the author, entrepreneur, hairstylist and actress to talk about everything from showing off moisture in the bedroom and starting her own hair care line, to the pain of losing her mentor John Singleton and the vital importance of education. and experience the true art of acting.

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I was always a ham as a kid. I felt the acting bug bite me when I sang at my kindergarten graduation – I did something funny, the audience laughed and I said, “I like that.” It happened again in the fifth grade. I was so full of energy and optimism, like kid magic, and my fifth grade teacher was smart enough to channel that energy into art. He enrolled me in the first grade and I just got accepted. I’ve been doing it my whole life and as a teenager I competed in the Miss Teen Talent pageant in DC and won second place. Then I auditioned for Duke Ellington School of the Arts, they didn’t accept me, so I thought acting was over for me.

I tried to get into cosmetology school because I was doing my hair and my boyfriend’s hair at the same time, doing hot irons, irons and combs with Marcel – I had a full salon in my room. at that time he gave a chance. I was famous for styling and cutting hair, and it was always known that “The stylist got a new haircut, everyone!” and then the next thing you know, someone was running to the mall to get the same haircut. I tried to go to cosmetology school and was a year late, and I think it was God’s intervention – because if I had been accepted, I probably would have been a world-famous hairstylist, not an actress. When I finally failed pre-calculus, I thought I might be an electrical engineer, and then I went back to Howard for acting. I used to do wet kits for money when I was in college because I was broke and everyone always loved how my wet kits turned out. I used to make wet kits in my bedroom for $20 and there was always something for the hair.

Even when I got into the business, I heard these stories about the edges of your hair falling out because of work, and I thought, “I’m not going to do that,” and I started wearing wigs. I felt that I had trouble keeping my head and hair clean, so I had to find a solution to the real problem, and I did. It was something I did for myself. I never got into it to create a hair care line, I did it for my own challenge – my girlfriends would come up to me and I’d be like, ‘Try this!’ And they say, “That’s amazing!” “I know. It’s my design,” I said. I explained it, but never tried to do anything with it. Then social media came along and people saw my real hair and I was like, “Oh my God, this is it.” very healthy! How do you keep him healthy?’ and i said wow. Maybe there is a way for me here. I wasn’t serious about it until now, then I went on vacation and my boyfriend said: “My face itches, it’s crazy!” and I said, “Boy, I got something for you!” They tried and did. as: “My God! I’ve never felt such a scalp!’ And then I was like, okay. I think there is something here. Since then, I’ve been trying to make it work for 10 years. It paid off when he met the perfect partner, Maesa.

Henson: Every day is different. Basically, I thought I had a brilliant day today and I’m like yes! I go to the gym because I only go to the gym when I have nothing to do – and I see.

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: People inspired by my works. Sharing what makes me happy. By sharing giveaways and sharing my knowledge, and while I can’t give this hair product away for free, I think I’ve made it available to everyone. I was very adamant about having a hair care line that the masses could afford. It is difficult here. I know my fans really love me and I didn’t want to make a product that not all of them could afford. If I’m looking for a celebrity, I want to share them. This is my way of sharing myself with my fans. I love Rihanna. I buy everything from Fenty. I love it, I love what it’s about, I love how inclusive it is, and I support it and buy its stuff.

Henson, founder of the Taraji P. Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, says her mental health advocacy is “more important” than her acting.

Your tenacity. There is a struggle inside me – the will to live, the will to live, the will to inspire. As humans, we are here to inspire each other. Someone inspired me, that’s why I’m here, so I have to go around and inspire, go around and inspire. Be encouraging.

I learned to say no. You cannot put your happiness and well-being in someone else’s hands. Because people don’t know, it’s up to you to take care of yourself. They will hire you. You have to speak up and say, “You know what?” I need this time for myself. If someone doesn’t like it, I don’t care.”

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Getting a Hollywood star with John Singleton by my side; I was nominated for the first time when I took my mom and grandma to the Oscars, and I was a mom.

If you’re going to do what I did, go to school. You talk about acting, acting and craft. I think people forget that it’s a real craft. It’s so innovative these days that I think the art has been lost. So, if you want to watch Teraj as an actress, I will read it. That’s how you can tell a good script from a bad script – because when you study acting, you read a lot of literature. Just why not? Why not immerse yourself and be completely informed? There’s nothing you can throw at me that I can’t crack, handle and deliver. I learned it inside and out – all over the set, on camera and behind the camera – just immerse yourself in the knowledge. I think people think our job is easy.

I know my instrument. Your body is your instrument. Just like a musician has a trumpet and they have to tune it correctly, your body is your trumpet and you have to know which note to play. When you’re in an orchestra, you can’t try to find notes. You need to click on the record. It’s the same with my body – I have to hit those feelings and time is money. No one will expect me to suppress my emotions. It’s written on paper, when I show it on video – you know what to do, so you should do it. Now, when you need a penny, have you done your homework to get there? I can do it because I’m trained and I’ve done it and I know my instrument. I can literally be on this call when they say “Move! Taraji, root, we are ready!” can say, they look: “God, are you a robot?” And I say no. I know my instrument and I know it. I don’t have to stay in character and I don’t judge anyone’s process. Everyone’s process is different. This is my process. I’m not saying. true, but true for me. because I don’t want to live in someone else’s place with their misery.

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