Warrant Officer Recruiting National Guard

Warrant Officer Recruiting National Guard – The Recruiting Badge is a United States Military Uniformed Services decoration awarded to those who perform recruiting duties as a service recruiter. Recruiting badges are issued by each of the US military services except the Marine Corps and the commissioned corps NOAA. In addition to the US Army, the Recruit Service Ribbon is awarded to those who successfully complete their enlistment mission.

The United States Army Recruiting Badge is worn by active and reserve Army personnel assigned to the United States Army Recruiting Command (USAREC). The basic recruiter identification badge is a silver badge depicting a soaring eagle riding a flaming torch, surrounded by a gray banner reading “US Army Recruiter.” Army recruiters can compete for the Gold Recruiter Badge, the gold variant of the Basic Recruiter Identification Badge, and work toward qualifying for the Master Recruiter Badge.

Warrant Officer Recruiting National Guard

All Army personnel who graduate from the Army Recruit Course (ARC) or who are assigned to USAREC are entitled to wear the basic identification badge. However, only those ARC graduates who meet specific recruiting goals are entitled to wear the basic recruiter identification badge as a permanent bonus. Recruiters earn the Gold Recruiter Badge by reaching 2,400 production points while assigned as a Recruiter. The Master Recruiter Badge is earned in the same way as the Army Expert Infantryman Badge, Expert Field Medical Badge, and Expert Soldier Badge, and recruiters must pass a series of tests and enlistment requirements in addition to having the rank of ‘ non-commissioned officer, warrant officer. , or commissioned officer.

Ohio Army National Guard Recruiting Earns National Award Again

Prior to the establishment of the Master Recruitment Badge in September 2011, Army recruiters could earn up to three Gold Achievement Stars with their Basic Recruiting Status Badge, Gold Recruiting Badge with up to three Sapphire Achievement Stars, Army Recruiting Ring, and Gln. E. Mo. The Lehr Medal serves as a symbol of continued achievement in recruiting.

The Reserve Recruiter Identification Badge was also the identification badge of the United States Army from the beginning of World War II until June 2001, when the United States Army announced that it would discontinue issuing the badge in favor of the standard enlistment badge used by active duty and reserve recruiters. During its period of issue, the Reserve Recruiting Badge was authorized for wear by United States Army Reserve recruiters during their service. The badge is not considered a permanent award and will be waived upon completion of reserve recruiter duties.

Because of the stigma that existed in the United States Army shortly after the Vietnam War, Army Surgeon General Gerald requested that Army medical recruiters be authorized to wear unique recruiting badges to help them distinguishing them from regular Army recruiters during recruiting campaigns. In November 1991, the Army’s deputy chief of staff for personnel approved the creation of the Army Medical Branch Recruiter Identification Badge, which was used until June 2001, when it was replaced by the Army Recruiter Identification Badge. The badge is worn in the same manner as the Army Reserve Enlisted Identification Badge. However, the insignia replaces the distinctive unit insignia on the black pullovers worn by Army medical recruiters.

Army National Guard (ARNG) recruiters wear the distinctive Army National Guard Recruiting and Retirement Badge, which depicts the militia in the center. Army National Guard enlistment and discharge badges are divided into three levels (Basic, Advanced and Expert). The basic badge has a unique design, while the advanced and expert badges have a similar appearance, with the expert badge displaying the word “Peritus” in a golden arch at the top of the badge. The Advanced and Expert badges can be modified to reflect specific recruitment awards, specifically the “Master 7” and “Director’s 54” awards. On the Advanced and Expert badges, a raised gold number “7” or “54” is in a raised hexagon at the top of the badge.

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In addition to the modifications to the recruiter’s senior or specialist badge, those Army National Guard recruiters who receive the 54th Director’s Award will also receive a special ring for their recruiting achievements.

On May 12, 2008, the design of the Army National Guard’s enlistment and discharge badges was changed to what you see above. Prior to this change, these badges had a simpler design and were available in silver (basic), gold (advanced) and gold (master) versions with a crown. As in the new design, the badges prominently incorporate the word Minutem in the center, surrounded by the words “Army National Guard Recruiting and Retirement.” Early versions of these badges once bore the words “Army National Guard Recruiter,” but they have remained largely unchanged since their introduction in the mid-1970s. The Master version of the crown has the award “Master 7” or “Chief’s 54” (now known as “Director’s 54”) engraved in gold scrawls on the bottom.

According to US Army Leaflet 670-1, the Basic and Advanced versions of the Army National Guard Recruiting and Retirement Badge are temporary badges that must be surrendered after the Soldier complete his recruitment mission. The expert version of this badge is given as a permanent award to National Guard soldiers. However, Army National Guard Regulation 601-1 states that the three badges are permanent awards and may be worn on the Army uniform regardless of duty station.

The United States Air Force Basic Recruiting Badge is authorized for wear by all personnel assigned to an active duty Air Force Recruiting Station. The badge is worn as decoration on the left pocket of men’s uniforms, and for women on the nameplate on the right side of their uniforms. Recruiters who complete the Recruiter Certification will receive the Certified Recruiter badge, which is the same as the Basic Recruiter badge but has a blue ring around it. Depending on the recruiter’s personal achievements, the recruiter can earn a Silver Recruiter Badge (a silver crown around the badge) or a Gold Recruiter Badge (a gold crown around the badge), which is the highest award which recruiter may receive. Air Force recruiters can also earn the Sior Recruiter Badge, the Master Recruiter Badge or the Command (Cmd) Master Recruiter Badge. The Senior Recruiter Badge is identical to the Silver Recruiter Badge but has a white star at the top of the crown with a numerical designation indicating the number of times the Senior Recruiter has achieved the -Silver Recruiter Badge. The Master Recruiter Badge looks similar to the Sior Recruiter Badge, but has a unique crown at the top with a large three-dimensional (3D) silver nautical star on a blue background. The Master Recruiter Badge is the same as the Master Recruiter Badge, except that the large 3D silver nautical star is replaced with a large 3D gold nautical star.

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Recruiters who receive their fourth silver crown will also receive a US Air Force Silver Recruit Ring, while recruits who receive a gold crown will receive a Recruit Ring of the United States Air Force Gold.

The United States Air Force Recruiting Service Badge is considered a temporary medal and must be returned by the service member upon completion of duty at his assigned recruiting command.

The United States Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service Badge is authorized for all personnel assigned to the Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Station. The badge is worn as decoration on the left pocket of men’s uniforms, and for women on the nameplate on the right side of their uniforms. The badge can be modified with a gold cord, incorporating a gold banner at the base of the badge to reflect the position of the recruiter (clerk, assistant senior officer, senior officer, or medical officer), known as the staff badge. In addition, the badge can be modified with a golden crown and a golden banner at the top that embellishes the personal achievement of the recruiter (100, 200, or Master); these badges are called “Ctury Club Badges.” Staff, Senior Associate, Senior or Medical Recruiters who receive an award have a Recruiter Badge with a gold crown and gold banners at the top and bottom of the badge emblazoned with achievements and positions; these badges are called “Double Ctury Club Badges”. Appropriate official Air Force photographs of Air Force Reserve Command recruiters wearing the Staff insignia and the Dual National Club have a numerical name on the lower banner that normally indicates the position of the recruiter. This numerical designation may change how positions are identified on recruiter badges; however, documentation describing this change was not found.

The United States Air Force Reserve Enlisted Service Badge is considered a temporary medal and must be returned upon completion of service by the service member at the designated recruiting command.

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The US Air National Guard (ANG) Recruiting Service Badge is awarded to all personnel assigned to an Air National Guard recruiting station. The badge is worn as decoration on the left pocket of men’s uniforms, and for women on the nameplate on the right side of their uniforms. There are three levels of badges; basic,

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