What Does A Criminologist Do On A Daily Basis

What Does A Criminologist Do On A Daily Basis – On October 2, 2022, I hosted a debate (as part of our series of cyber debates on our

A debate on the Discipline of Criminology and how it becomes ‘Poison’ for those who profess this discipline. The cyber debate was attended by more than 50 participants, including professors, lawyers, security professionals, former intelligence officers, researchers, entrepreneurs, police officers and students.

What Does A Criminologist Do On A Daily Basis

I began by remembering Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote on his birthday (October 2, 2022):

Recent Spate Of Serious Crimes Are ‘one Offs’, Says Criminologist

Also, as criminologists, if we want to bring about change in the way we see, teach and talk about this discipline, we must first change our own perspective. How we behave, how we obtain information, how we behave with our peers and our students and, above all, how we spend our leisure time are some of the things that in ultimately determines our well-being, both mental and physical. So we must let the change start with us, only then we can change the world.

To begin with, we must look at who a criminologist is. From a technical perspective, a criminologist is someone who engages in the scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, and society’s response to it. However, I do not want to restrict the scope of a criminologist for the purposes of this discussion because the phenomenon we are going to talk about affects everyone who fights crime every day. Therefore, a criminologist for the purpose of this discussion is anyone who practices criminology, who fights crime, and works for victims of crime.

This field is not only limited to academics and professionals working in the field, but has a wider scope. These include police officers who deal with offenders on a daily basis and the officers who manage them by bringing offenders through criminal justice processes; an NGO worker fighting for the rights of victims; a lawyer who represents his clients (victims/offenders) to the best of his ability, regardless of whether they contributed to the crime/victimization or not; an academic who studies the nuances of criminal behavior and prison officials who treat offenders so that they do not engage in deviant behaviors and contribute to society as responsible members. Again I quote Mahatma Gandhi,

If crime is a disease, the one who will cure it are Social Doctors and a Criminologist is the Social Doctor who will cure this disease.

Criminologist Job Description Template

Aka the deadly poison that can destroy all of Creation. It is said that in the battles between the Devas (Gods) and Asuras (Demons), the Devas keep losing due to Sage Durvasa cursing them to be deprived of all strength and fortune. Because of this, they lost control of the three lokas/realms (Heaven, Earth and Hell). The Devas sought help from Lord Vishnu and on his advice invited the Asuras to churn the cosmic ocean (Samudra) to obtain the nectar of eternal life.

Many divine treasures were recovered from the churning ocean, but it also gave birth to a deadly poison called

. The poison was so deadly that it threatened not only to contaminate the nectar, but to destroy all of Creation. It was Lord Shiva who finally came to the rescue and consumed the poison himself to protect the universe. However, the poison was so strong and alarmingly fast that Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s wife, had to step in and put her hand on Shiva’s throat to prevent the poison from spreading. Shiva’s throat turned blue from the accumulation of those

(one with a blue throat). I would compare all criminologists to Lord Shiva who takes poison (crime/news events) every day and there is no Parvati to stop the poison from continuing to enter them.

Esteemed Criminologist, Criminal Justice Center Co Director Joan Petersilia Dies At 68

When it comes to the Discipline of Criminology, criminologists are people who desire the welfare of society and study crime and criminal behavior on a daily basis in order to protect society from the ill effects of crime. In my 30 years of experience in the field of Criminology – as a Student, Researcher and Teacher/Researcher – I have seen that people who want to join this discipline (Criminology) are mostly problem solvers. They recognize an evil in society and want to remedy it and that is why they chose this field. They aim to achieve something big and join the field with a lot of positivity and hope. However, this hope and positivity often leaves them within the first few semesters. This is because a criminologist gradually consumes more poison every day: the poison, that is, the study of crime.

The study of crime and criminal behavior can be harmful because of the negativity it promotes. Students of criminology sometimes become directionless and may begin to feel uncertain about the discipline itself and see it as a “waste of time”. What should be a positive and vibrant environment can become a negative and toxic domain. In Tamil, there is a famous saying:

. We can take the example of Madame Curie, known for her pioneering work on radioactivity and the only person to win the Nobel Prize twice in 2 Sciences (Physics and Chemistry). Unfortunately, his death was related to long-term radiation exposure that caused damage to his bone marrow. So the principle is: “Everything in moderation” as they say and if Marie Curie died from radiation exposure inside a laboratory, a criminologist can also die inside a social laboratory due to heavy exposure to crime/news events . .

Anyone who works in a field that harms their physical or mental well-being should be careful. For example, scientists working in a chemistry lab or with X-rays must use shielded equipment to protect themselves from its harmful effects. A doctor who faces death every other day in his profession should not be pulled down by the reality of mortality. Likewise, a criminologist, lawyer, police officer, prison officer or NGO worker who faces crime (events/news) every day should not over-consume it or they will be severely affected. Over time, criminologists tend to drown in their discipline. They may read a newspaper but pay attention only to criminal activity and ignore the political, sports and financial sections. Also, they will be more interested in watching OTT crime series and crime movies. And little by little, the study of crime is the only thing in their mind that becomes very negative and toxic. They become toxic not only to themselves, but also to the people around them such as their family and peers.

The Classical School Of Criminology & Its Influence Today

By Robert Louis Stevenson. Dr. Jekyll is a respected gentleman while on the other hand, Mr. Hyde is a dangerous killer. Many murders point to a certain connection between Jekyll and Hyde and it is later revealed that Dr. Jekyll, the respected man of society and Mr. Hyde, the murderous criminal is the same person and Jekyll is just using Hyde’s dark persona. to carry out his evil motives. In the end, we will see that the evil character of Mr. Hyde begins to take on a different personality and soon Dr. is gone. Jekyll. It is the same case for criminologists. At some point, they’ll forget they’re there to fight crime, but they’ll turn into monsters like Mr. Hyde.

Coming to the latest pop culture, I would like to mention the lyrics of a hit song from the popular Tamil movie “Thani Oruvan” (2015) –

Which translates to ‘Only evil wins! No one can stop him!’. If only evil wins, those who fight against evil should not be evil, but I repeat that evil tends to dominate our minds and dominate us. It feeds on hope, enthusiasm and positivity until it is nothing more than a shell of its past. It is a pit from which you will fall never to rise. Also, a criminologist must understand that at first he may enjoy his free fall in the field, but the deeper he goes, the more he will realize that an abyss is infinite and I call it “Emotional Abyss”.

It has the power to swallow them whole and turn them into monsters. And so, such “monsters” in the field of Criminology who have become victims of crime (events/news), should be treated passively. It should be recognized that many students, teachers and professionals working in the field may be affected by this negativity and may stop being healthy and functioning people and become victims of crimes (events/news) without their knowledge. .

Give An Auspicious Initiation Of Your Career With Criminology.

The impact of victimization by a criminologist is physical, financial and, above all, psychological. Some may cause self-harm and have extreme suicidal tendencies. However, that

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