What Is A Chief Warrant Officer

What Is A Chief Warrant Officer – Chief Warrant Officer Five (CW5) Mark Shumway began his military career by enlisting in the active duty Army in November 1991. He attended basic combat training, then Officer Candidate School and then Flight School.

His first assignment was to the 18th Airborne Corps, Ft. Bragg, NC as a UH-1 (HUEY) and UH-60 (Black Hawk) pilot. He was then assigned to the 2nd (Assault) Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade, in Katterbach, Germany, where he served as an operations officer and instructor pilot. During this tour, he deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina in support of Kosovo in support of IFOR/SFOR (1995–1996) and KFOR (1999–2000).

What Is A Chief Warrant Officer

Shamwi was then assigned to the 2nd Battalion (Assault), 10th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB), Ft. Drum, NY, where he served as the company’s CMO. During this tour, he deployed to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2003.

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In 2004, he joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, full-time (AGR), serving at the Eastern Army Aviation Training Site, Ft. The Indian town gap. He has served as an instructor in: UH-60 pilot qualifications, instrument flight examiner preparation and pre-deployment pilot training courses.

In 2005, Shumway transferred to the New York Army National Guard, a full-time military technician, as a flight instructor. He held several assignments with the 3rd (Attack) Battalion, 142nd Aviation Regiment in Beltham and Ronkonkoma, New York. His duties there included: Company Safety Officer, Company Safety Officer and Battalion Safety Officer. During this time he was deployed to Iraq for OIF from 2008 to 2009.

In 2013, he was assigned to HHC 42nd CAB as an aviation gunner and then promoted to CW5. He deployed to Kuwait (2013-2014) for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) where he served as the Airfield Manager for Adri Army Airfield. In 2015, he was selected as the first commander in chief of the 42nd CAB. In 2021 he became a CAB compliance officer.

He is a 1990 graduate of Virginia Tech (AS) and a 2017 graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in professional aeronautics. He is an army graduate: senior officer course, officer course, basic and advanced aviation officer course. His flying courses include: Initial Entry Rotary Wing (UH-1), UH-60A/L/M and UH-72 Qualifications, UH-60 and UH-72 Instructor Pilot, Instrument Examiner, Electronic Warfare Officer, Aviation Safety Officer , as well as an aviation master gunner.

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Shumway’s awards include: Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Service to Global War on Terror. , Humanitarian Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M Device and Bronze Hourglass Device, Overseas Service Ribbon, Army Reserve Training Ribbon Overseas, and NATO Medal. He holds: Military Master Pilot Badge, Paratrooper Badge, Air Assault Badge, and several state awards.

Shumway and his wife, Susan, live in Greenwich, New York. They have five children: Ryan (Ashley), Melissa (Reid), James, Lynsey and Leah (Sean). Lynsey and Leah both serve at NYARNG. In addition, they have a growing group of grandchildren. After nearly 34 years in the West Virginia Army National Guard, Christy Smith became the first Chief Warrant Officer to reach the rank of CW5.

Brigadier General William “Bill” Crane, lieutenant general of the West Virginia National Guard, presided over the July 16 promotion ceremony at Camp Dawson.

“I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Chief Smith,” Crane said. “Throughout her career, she has excelled as a Soldier and lived the Army and West Virginia values ​​we hold dear. She will forever be the first female CW5 in the history of the West Virginia National Guard. What a wonderful honor. I know she will continue to lead in her new role with honor, integrity and excellence.” .

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While Smith’s promotion may mark the beginning of the end of a long and successful career serving West Virginia and the United States, she said she hopes to use her remaining time in the military to pay it forward.

“I’m definitely at the end of my career at the end of the next four years,” said Smith, who plans to retire in 2025. “My goal is to continue to guide other soldiers, especially female soldiers, and help teach them. Take advantage of career opportunities and the importance of believing in yourself.”

Smith, a property accounting officer for the 920A Command, assumed his position as commander on Aug. 9, 2002, having previously served with the 152nd Military Police Unit in his hometown of Moundsville. He was later assigned to the Regional Training Institute of the 197th Battalion and served as a tactical subordinate at the Officer Candidate School. She continued as a TAC officer, then the only female TAC officer for the OCS battalion.

Smith said she was always outspoken, sometimes even considered a coward. A senior soldier advised Smith about her behavior, saying female soldiers should watch their language and behave more like women. Smith said the conversation made her understand how some male officers view female soldiers and inspired them to make a difference.

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“It was very frustrating for me, but with the support of my husband I was able to continue to thrive in the military,” she said. “When given the opportunity, I became a commanding officer to help make a difference for all women in the WVARNG, as there was no female technical officer in West Virginia before me.”

Smith deployed overseas with the 152nd to serve in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. She said she was proud to serve on this mission, and that the things she learned while serving overseas and as a POW helped shape the rest of her military career.

“In 1991, all records were on paper, and we were responsible for automating and then archiving the documents,” Smith said. “We had rooms full of prisoners’ records and boxes of prisoners’ personal belongings, which made it very hard work. With so much work the days went by quickly and it was easy to be away from home. Being part of this unique unit because of that, which no longer exists, puts I’m in a unique category because I’m the last serving member of the 152nd MP PWIC to deploy to Desert Storm.”

It was overseas where Smith realized the importance of mentoring young female soldiers. She took the Staff Sergeant. Sue Lambert took him under her wing and coached him through the hardships of war, providing him and others with much needed support at a critical time.

The Importance Of Warrant Officers

“Sue was an excellent, hard-working soldier, but she just needed some training to adapt to the different situation we were in,” Smith said. “Whether it was in the desert, in a tent, or behind a garrison responding to a skid warning system, we all needed some kind of help. Sue retired as a sergeant first class, and I was proud of his accomplishments.

Smith knew her husband, Sgt. Major (Ret.) Christopher Smith, serving in Desert Storm. She credits his support for helping her achieve her goals professionally and personally.

“Since the day we met we’ve supported each other, we’ve seen each other grow and we’re still going strong,” he said. “If it wasn’t for that deployment, we might never have met and our lives, and maybe even our careers, would have been very different.”

The Smiths have led busy lives in the West Virginia National Guard, but spend most of their time rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned dogs.

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“Many of the dogs we’ve fostered have lived well beyond the lifespan of veterinarians,” Smith said. “One particular dog was diagnosed with Lupus and is living into his teens. We continue to support the local shelter so abused and unwanted animals can find a good home.

Looking back, Smith said she is proud of all the work she did at WVARNG and the legacy she left for the female soldiers who followed her.

“I am proud that I did not give up, change my beliefs or allow those who wanted to reject me to influence my life or my career,” he said. “I work hard every day and will continue to do so until I retire to show all soldiers that if you believe in yourself, you have to do what you have to do. To do and you have the support of your partner and family, you can be who you can be. Want to be .” Chief Officer 5 David L. Ward 6th Tennessee Command Chief Officer April 1, 2021 Appointed. The CW5 serves as the Chief Advisor to the Warrant Officer for supervision, training and ground component commander. Kudos to all Tennessee Army National Guard officers.

CW5 Ward joined the Army in 1985, serving three years as an equipment and parts specialist, completing his first tour of duty at 18.

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Airborne Corps Benning, Georgia at Ft. After leaving active duty in 1988, CW5 Ward joined the 1-263d Armored Battalion of the South Carolina National Guard in Mullins, S.C. He served there for sixteen years and was promoted from there.

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