What Is A Deputy Chief Of Staff

What Is A Deputy Chief Of Staff – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chief of Staff Katie Walsh looks on at a post-election press briefing to discuss the RNC’s role in the election, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016, at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh is leaving the West Wing to join the pro-Trump group America First Policies, according to senior administration officials.

What Is A Deputy Chief Of Staff

Walsh, a senior aide to White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, is one of President Donald Trump’s top gatekeepers, overseeing the White House schedule. His departure leaves a void in the West Wing, but White House officials believe his appointment as a senior adviser to the outside group will fill a major void that emerged during the failed effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. .

Deputy Chief Of Staff ( Dcos )

Conservative outside groups ran millions of ads opposing the measure and flooded Capitol Hill phone lines with calls against Trump backing the measure, but there was no concerted effort to rally grassroots support for Trump’s agenda.

“It became clear that we didn’t have air cover when it came to calling lawmakers, and no one can handle this issue like Katie Walsh,” Priebus told reporters at the White House.

Walsh’s departure was announced to a small group of reporters in the press office, along with chief strategist Steve Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner. All three praised Walsh and expressed regret at his departure. “Katie is number one, not fired,” an official tweeted in response to the rumours. They added that he had decided to leave.

After House Republicans were forced to vote on the health care bill on Friday, Walsh was tasked with figuring out how to take a more political role in the White House. Over the weekend, officials said, he determined that he could do the best work at the 501(c)4 group and communicated his recommendation to Priebus, Kushner and Bannon. They accepted.

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“Katie Walsh played a key role in the victory in November,” said Jared Kushner. “There is no one better to fill this role than Katie.”

White House officials say they regret not keeping a senior official on the sidelines, as former President Obama did in 2009 with the task force, which was led by Mitch Stewart and included strategist David Plouffe. “We didn’t take one of our stars and plant him in C4,” an official said.

Walsh will serve as a senior advisor to the group. He fills the void left on America First policies by the departure of Rick Gates, a former top aide to Paul Manafort, who was fired from the group last week over ties to Russia and Ukraine. It also reunites him with Trump’s former digital chief, Brad Parscale, who along with Walsh were considered de facto campaign managers during the latter part of the presidential campaign.

“It’s been an honor to work for President Trump and to live in the White House during the transition,” Walsh said. “I am excited about this new opportunity and the ability to continue to fight for the President’s agenda to make America great again.”

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The move comes a day after the Mercer family, one of Trump’s top donors in 2016, announced a new nonprofit called Making America Great with former Trump campaign manager David Bossie as chief strategist. The Mercers were originally involved in America First policies, but cut ties due to frustration with the group’s direction. Trump allies said they hoped Walsh and Bossie, who worked together on the campaign trail, would bridge the gap between the two groups.

“The idea is that here we have the Bannon and Priebus model, and outside we have the Bossie and Katy model,” a White House official said.

According to Priebus, Walsh was the chief of staff’s eyes and ears in most of the White House’s warring groups. He struggled to establish control and organize a chaotic White House in which anyone could enter the Oval Office without an appointment.

“He’s the key link that holds everything together and makes things happen,” Bannon said of Walsh in the White House.

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But some staffers, particularly those who worked on the Trump campaign, distrusted him and filed negative stories questioning his loyalty to conservative outlets like Breitbart. Priebus is still looking for a replacement. A senior White House official dismissed the idea that Walsh’s departure predated Priebus’ departure. “It’s not ahead of Rennes,” the official said. “Rance is doing very well.” Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the White House does not expect any additional personnel changes.

Walsh was on good terms with establishment-minded conservatives, using him as the Republican National Committee’s chief of staff, the party’s de facto day-to-day executive. He carries a dirty Rolodex with him. Before rising to the top job at the RNC, he was a fundraiser extraordinaire. In 2014, as its CFO, he collected more than 200 million dollars – a record. White House Deputy Chief of Staff Retired Joe Hagen is resigning as White House Deputy Chief of Staff. Hagen was one of Washington’s few experienced hands in the administration and helped arrange the president’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagan walks on the White House grounds on August 14, 2017. Alex Brandon/AP Hide caption

White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagan walks on the White House grounds on August 14, 2017.

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White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hague, who played a key role in organizing President Trump’s Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un, is retiring.

The White House said Hagen would step down after serving in every GOP administration since Ronald Reagan. His departure is expected next month.

Hagen led the U.S. team handling logistics for the Trump-Kim meeting last week and won praise from the president.

“He has planned and executed the president’s long and historic foreign trips, and he has executed them perfectly,” Trump said in a statement. “We’ll miss it more in the office, even on the road.”

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The Washington Post reported two weeks ago that Hagen plans to leave the White House after the meeting. The White House said on Tuesday that Hagee was expected to return to the private sector, although the newspaper said he was eyeing a job as deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Haig was one of the few members of the Trump administration with long experience in Washington, having held the same deputy chief of staff post under George W. Bush.

“Joe Hagen brings an unparalleled level of experience and institutional knowledge,” said Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

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