What Sidearm Does The Us Military Use

What Sidearm Does The Us Military Use – The SIG Sauer M17 and M18 are service pistols derived from the SIG Sauer P320 used by the United States Armed Forces. On January 19, 2017, the US Army announced that a customized version of SIG Sauer’s P320 won the Army’s XM17 Handgun Module System competition. The full size model was designated the M17, and the shorter model carrying lgth, the M18.

The gun replaced the Beretta M9, ​​as well as many other weapons in service. There are two color variants, coyote brown and black, for both the M17 and M18, although almost all were produced in brown.

What Sidearm Does The Us Military Use

When the requirements were formulated for a new weapon for the United States Army, one of the tests in the proposal was that an existing model weapon had to meet the requirements set forth in the Request for Proposals for the Modular Handgun System, known as the -XM17. Procurement SIG Sauer submitted a P320 with a number of modifications for the XM17 Modular Handgun System competition.

Why Do Special Forces Use The Glock 19—and Not The Glock 48?

The pistol’s Modular System features self-illuminating tritium sights for low-light conditions, an integrated rail for attaching ablers and an army-standard conversion kit for attaching an acoustic/flash suppressor.

Every M17/M18 pistol is test fired before it leaves the factory with 13 rounds – three to break in the pistol and t to test accuracy.

The XM17 prototype with a 17 round magazine set. Brown’s trigger, lever and grip were only used early in production.

On January 19, 2017, the US Army announced that the SIG Sauer P320 MHS variant had won the trial of the military’s Modular Handgun System. The modified P320 was later designated M17 (Full-Size) and M18 (Carry) for US military service. The M17 has better accuracy and ergonomics and a tighter spread than the Beretta M9 and will give squad leaders and fire crews more leverage. US Special Operations Forces operators are all armed with a pistol and a rifle. Junior leaders in regular infantry units who were previously excluded from carrying weapons will be given more choices and options in close combat situations under a new policy. All Army units plan to replace the M9 and M17 within ten years.

New Rifle, Light Machine Gun Headed To Close Combat Troops

In May 2017, the Army announced that the first unit to receive the M17 would be the 101st Airborne Division later this year. At the same time, the rest of the American Armed Forces revealed that they also had the pistol, making it the standard weapon for the American military. The services plan to acquire up to 421,000 weapons in total; 195,000 for the Army, 130,000 for the Air Force, 61,000 for the Marines (M18 compact version only), and 35,000 for the Marines.

The US Army primarily ordered the M17 version, while the Air Force and Marines chose the M18 version as their standard service pistol.

In 2019, the Marine Corps selected the M18 to replace several pistols. While the other services were already primarily fielding the Beretta M9 and M9A1, the Corps also planned to replace its M45A1 and M007 pistols with the M18.

Although it was initially announced that the US Coast Guard would adopt the M17/18 weapon, the agency announced in September 2020 that they would acquire the Glock 19 G 5 weapon through a DHS proxy.

European Military Pistol Programmes

Although the pistol was chambered in 9mm NATO rather than a larger caliber, the contract allowed the Army and other services to acquire the XM1152 Full Metal Jacket and XM1153 SIG Sauer Special Purpose ammunition proposed by SIG Sauer .

The ammunition is a “Winchester jacketed hollow-point” round; similar in appearance to the Winchester PDX1 round but with some differences in the hollow point petal design. One round is a standard 115 grain ball, designated M1152, the other is a special 147 grain round designated M1153. Olin Corporation (Winchester Brand) was awarded a contract to produce approximately 1.2 million rounds of ammunition.

On October 11, 2018, four ceremonial M17s built by Sig Sauer’s Custom Shop were loaned to the Old Guard for the Stinels guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Each of the four guns has a specific name and theme engraved on the gun’s dust cover: Silce, Respect, Dignity, and Perseverance. “Silce” and “Respect”, are highly polished with brown wooden handles, used for daylight hours, while “Dignity” and “Perseverance” are matte black pistols with dark wooden handles for night work and long periods of bad weather.

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All four guns use an aluminum frame, rather than the standard M17 polymer plastic, while the controls are standard matte black. The rear slide of the regular M17 is replaced with “XXI”, a reference to the twenty-one steps that the guards take in their patrol in front of the tomb, as well as the 21-gun salute. Several important materials are incorporated into the gun. The wooden grips are crafted from wooden planks removed from the deck of the USS Olympia, the ship that carried the first Unknown Soldier to the United States in 1921. The marble dust from the restoration of the tomb is also sealed in a glass vial and used. in her place. front tritium front. The M17s only have an engraving in one area of ​​the gun, on the sight plate, which contains an engraving of three Greek figures, Peace, Victory and Valor.

The guns are serialized with a unique series of serial numbers that embody the meaning of the Old Guard: “LS” represents line six of Stinels’ belief, “My standard will remain perfection”; “02JUL37” means the first 24-hour guard placed at the Tomb of the Unknowns on July 3, 1937; and “21” to signify the 21 steps taken by the Tomb Stinels to walk to the Tomb of the Unknowns with the military honor of 21 Gun Salute.

Tomb Stinels carry loaded rifles, and the 21-round magazine is placed in the gun. The magazines are personalized, and feature an aluminum base plate with the names of the Greek figures from the Tomb of the Unknowns – Peace, Victory, and Valor – and include a nameplate at the bottom of the magazine engraved with the Tomb of Stinel. badge number.

In 2018, SIG Sauer released a civilian market variant of the pistol called the P320-M17. The gun is nearly identical, though missing the tamper-evident removal screws, and is available with or without an external manual safety. The P320-M17 stainless steel slide is PVD coated and the controls have a black finish similar to that found on the M17 range of military service pistols. A commemorative edition was also released, simply called the commemorative M17, produced to the exact specifications of the original weapon delivered to the military, including a brown trigger and controls, the same selection of military magazines, and delivered in a cardboard. instead of the usual SIG Sauer hard sided black plastic case, as military guns were packed. Commemorative production of the M17 was limited to a series of 5,000 units.

What Pistol Does The Us Military Use?

According to SIG Sauer, the 124-grain 9mm NATO load (commercial plus pressure +P variant) released in 2018 by the SIG P320-M17 has a muzzle velocity of 365 m/s (1,198 ft/ s) and chin 535. J ( 395 ft⋅lbf).

In 2020, SIG released the P320-M18 model for civilians, which has the same adaptation of the military configuration, this time with the shorter M18 size. Please help improve this article by providing more accurate citations. (February 2010) (Learn how and what to remove this message template)

A service pistol, also known as a personal weapon or handgun, is any weapon issued to regular military personnel or law enforcement officers. Typically, service pistols are revolvers or semi-automatic pistols issued to officers, non-commissioned officers, and rear support personnel for self-defense, although service pistols may also be issued to special forces as backup for -their primary weapon. Pistols are not typically issued to frontline infantry. Before firearms were common, officers and non-commissioned officers typically carried swords.

Before the introduction of cartridge-loaded firearms, there was little standardization regarding the weapons carried by military personnel, although it was important for officers, artillery and other auxiliary troops to have a means of self-defense , especially as it was. it is not always practical to have a full-lgth rifle or carbine.

America’s Military Shotguns

Traditionally, soldiers, sailors, cavalry, and officers carried swords for personal protection and use in combat. The development of firearms in the middle of the 14th century changed the way battles were fought, and until the end of the 15th century, it was not particularly practical to close in combat fashion to evaluate the -opponents, due to dominance. pike and musket-fire (pike and shot) on the battlefield.

Training was also a factor—it took a long time to train new recruits in the use of the longbow and sword—while they could be taught the basic operation of the arquebus in a relatively short time. As a result, swords were only held by officers (who were less fortunate

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