When Can I Re Enlist In The Army

When Can I Re Enlist In The Army – You may want to join the military after discharge for a number of reasons. You may miss the camaraderie or want to reapply for financial assistance, insurance, or other benefits.

Whatever the reason, Rejoining the Army isn’t as easy as filling out an application and picking up where you left off. You may need to go back to basic training.

When Can I Re Enlist In The Army

For example, you can rejoin the Army with little trouble if you leave your RE-1 reentry code (or any variant thereof) in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 601-210 , “Component and Army Recruiting Programs.” “

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You may not be eligible to receive an RE-2 reentry code unless you first meet the requirements, such as retaking the ASVAB test. or meet branch height and weight standards. Code RE-3 means that you cannot re-enroll without a waiver due to the condition or circumstances specified in your separation code.

Your separation code tells recruiters what they need to prove for you to return to the military. And it can determine whether or not the recruiter takes legal action against you.

Together with your RE code, your separation code determines your eligibility to re-enroll and the ease with which you can obtain the required re-enrollment exemption.

For example, let’s say you received a separation code JFV (physical condition, but not a disability that interferes with the performance of duties) with reentry code RE-3 in this case. You’ll need a waiver from the Surgeon General and several medical evaluations to prove you’re fit to serve in the military.

Eligibility & Requirements

There are many documents. Some recruiters may be reluctant to accept your case. while others may specialize in helping service members rejoin the military. Find the best recruiter for your situation. You may find your new home in another service field.

In addition to separation and reentry codes Your type of discharge (honorable in addition to honorable misbehavior or dishonorable) can have a significant impact on your re-eligibility. Consider special early service positions. This is because your new hire depends on whether the service office you are trying to join has vacancies that you can fill.

Recruitment and re-enlistment are also subject to age limits. Each service branch has its own method of calculating age of service for those who have previously served.

For example, maritime recruiters subtract previous service time from their seniority. Therefore, a 39-year-old Marine is considered 29 years old and does not require an age waiver, according to the Marine Corps website.

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You may not need to return to basic training if you have served previously. Each branch has its own criteria for what is considered prior service.

For example, the Army previously defines service personnel as “Serving on active duty as a member of the armed forces for 180 days or more” under Army Regulation 612-201 “Support for Military Learners / initial service trainees”

For example, the Air Force entered service earlier. “There will be no break in service of more than six years,” according to the Air Force website.

Here are general guidelines for each field on whether you should return to basic training. If you qualify as a former service member:

Some Soldiers Need To Decide Whether To Reenlist Now, Officials Said > National Guard > Guard News

Receiving an honorable discharge does not automatically qualify you for re-entry. Department of Defense Order 6130.03 “Medical Standards for Military Service: Appointment, Conscription, or Orientation” lists several conditions of disqualification. You may be disqualified for reinstatement if you fall into one of the following categories. If the condition occurred while on duty or after leaving service:

This is not an exhaustive list. If in doubt Please discuss any medical conditions or concerns with your recruiter.

Justin Williams is a Microsoft and US Army Certified Expert. He served in 2008 as a multi-channel transmission operator for the 15th Signal Brigade after being honorably discharged. He had trouble accessing military benefits for a service-connected injury. This led him to write articles to help others navigate the military benefits system.

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FORT KNOX, Ky. (June 11, 2015) — New draft opportunity window for Soldiers. which used to start from 15 months to 90 days before separating from has been temporarily suspended But only for soldiers who have a separation day until September 30.

You Will Reenlist, Or So Help Me…

The period for new recruits starts from 15 months before their separation. Until the day they actually leave. To maintain quality soldiers

Before being suspended from duty Soldiers must decide to re-enlist with 90 days remaining on their contract. If they change their mind within this window, they will re-enlist. They must submit an exception to the policy.

Once the exception goes through the soldier’s first colonel in the chain of command, it will then be sent to the U.S. Human Resources Command, or HRC, for adjudication, said Maj. Gen. Vickie Rivera , HRC Enlisted Personnel Management Committee retention and reclassification sergeant.

That process usually takes several weeks, Rivera said, with the suspension of this new 90-day window, soldiers will only have to talk to their commander and sergeant major to reverse their decision to leave the service.

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The goal of retaining good soldiers is the same as it has always been, said Rivera. This suspension does not change the requirements of soldiers who want to do their service and re-enter the army.

“They still have to be qualified soldiers,” Rivera said. “What we see at our level is all the paperwork and documentation. This suspension system makes the process more streamlined and faster.”

Maj. Gen. Mark Mayo has been in the recruiting and retention field for 25 years and served as a Guard Sergeant with the 18th Airborne Division.

Mayo said the suspension of the 90-day period is unlikely to affect most soldiers eligible to re-enlist. However, for some soldiers who find themselves in unexpected situations, who want to reverse their decision to leave, this change will benefit them.

Army Temporarily Expands Re Enlistment Window

“There were some good soldiers whose plans fell through. Whether it’s college, a job or their spouse’s pregnancy,” Mayo said, “there’s a lot going on. So this change will give them the opportunity to move forward”.

In addition to the aforementioned suspension soldiers within 90 days of the date of separation Soldiers who re-enlist will be offered the same options as soldiers who re-enlist several months before they have to leave the service, Rivera said. Previously, soldiers who re-enlisted within this period were limited in their options for active duty assignments. You can go there or place according to your needs.

One thing that will remain the same is the option for soldiers who have signed up for the Reserves or National Guard to change their minds and remain on active duty, Rivera said, who can change their minds at any time before of the date of separation.

It’s a temporary suspension, Rivera said, and it’s not yet known when or if the 90-day suspension will be lifted.

Rising Re Enlistment

It’s important for soldiers to stay in touch with their career counselors, Rivera said, in addition to procedural changes like suspending that pre-separation window. New Hiring Window Fluctuates1/3 Show Title + Hide Title – Col. Clydia M. Prichard-Brown 59th Brigade Commander Sworn In. returning to active duty 2nd Lt. Robin C. Stubbs and his wife, Sergeant Malaysia M. Stubbs, during an enlistment ceremony for two soldiers Oct. 19 at the SSG Women’s Museum. Stubbs is a career counselor. Assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters. Company, 59th Ord, Sergeant Major Stubbs was Delta Company no. 832, battalion drill sergeant. (Image credit: Terrance Bell) View original

2/3 Show caption + Hide caption: Sergeant Malaysia M. Stubbs, Col. Clydea M. Prichard-Brown and Sergeant Robin C. Stubbs pose for a photo after the Stubbs induction ceremony at the Women’s Museum. 19 October , SSG Stubbs is a career advisor assigned to headquarters and headquarters companies. Sergeant Stubbs of the 59th Artillery Division is the drill sergeant for Delta Company’s 832nd Battalion. (Image credit: Terrance Bell) View original

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